7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt By MIAMI RAVE On Sale

The long awaited, tested and tried Miami Rave 7pipe twisty glass blunt is finally on sale for 25.00 dollars in our shop. Be sure to pick up whatever color is your favorite. You can choose from Gold, Silver, Black and Titanium. All of our products are made with the strongest materials in the industry. Enjoy shatter proof Scott’s glass and a true titanium spiral nail in the center which is burn and heat resistant. Using this device has really changed the game when it comes to smoking or vaporizing your favorite herbs or plant materials. You simply load the tube with your herbs and twist the screw clockwise, thus packing the material down the tube. Once fully packed, you then light then end with the material exposed and watch the blunt stay lit thru your entire smoke. The reason the 7pipe twisty glass blunt stays lit is because of its infinite-light technology which causes it to stay lit. To ash the blunt you just simply turn the screw counter-clockwise. This blunt is easy to carry on the go with the removable end cap and its stylish and stealthy enough to carry as a everyday piece. Pick one up today!

Purchasing your Miami Rave 7pipe twisty glass blunt on our webpage gives you a special discount over purchasing on our ebay or Amazon stores.  There are a lot of opportunities for you to earn free equipment. Are you into video blogging or do product reviews and un-boxing videos? Do you have a strong social media following and would like to be a part of all the fun and rewards that being a part of Miami Rave has to offer? Subscribe to our site, add us on social media, then make your way over to the CONTACT US page where you can contact us directly. There is even a phone number so you can call or text!

Inside the Miami Rave 7pipe twisty glass blunt box you get:

Package includes:

• 1 x twisty glass blunt
• 1 x cleaning brush
• 1 x gift box
• 1 x o-ring
• 1 x silicone cap


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