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Its hard to believe this all started as a fun “thing to do” among a group of collage friends in spring 2010.  We all loved music and shared a passion for partying and having fun. Ultra Music Festival was having their debut year in Miami at Biscayne Park in downtown Miami, which was only 20 minutes from our school Florida International University. We were all business oriented and needed money for various reasons. Some needed it for books and tuition, others needed it for Captain Morgan’s and ZigZags. One thing we knew, and that was that we needed to do something! As Ultra approached we thought of various ideals on how to make some extra cash with the big festival coming to our city. One day the genius ideal struck and we were well on our way to becoming rich.We were going to sell water.


We took the couple of days we had before the festival to prepare rave kandi and other cool souvenirs to give to people that promoted Miami Rave and our website, which at the time was only a simple forum. The morning of Ultra approached and as we made it near downtown Miami, a whole 5 hours before the festival was even supposed to start, we were hit with a huge wave of traffic. There was so much traffic that it took a usual 20 minute ride almost 2 hours to make. The worst part was the parking situation, which didn’t exist unless you had at least 50 dollars for a spot. Luckily, being locals, we knew of a safe lower-key spot in the near by Historic City of Overtown and set up shop in the club district.

It was scalding hot outside say the least. Sweat was rolling off our foreheads almost as hard as some of the people who were buying water were rolling off of whatever dope they were on. People were thanking god that we had setup shop with ice cold water by Miami Raven in our coolers and we were thanking god that we decided to sell water.

At the end of the 2 day festival we managed to raise over 1200 dollars selling water. After dividing the money fairly we decided to place some of the proceeds back into Miami Rave with hopes that it would one day become this huge company that we could all look back on and be proud that we were a part of.

Welcome to Miami Rave ladies and gentlemen…

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