Glass Blunt Review From Bubs in LA

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Hey guys, I just wanted to bring a sensational review of our 7 Pipe Glass Blunt to view! It has a lot of the very important highlights that makes us a proud carrier of the 7 Pipe Glass Blunt. This comes to us from Bubs in Los Angeles. This little glass thing is wicked! I haven't had any other piece like this before and I'll try and start from the beginning. Where ever that might be! It's hard to articulate because without being too simple. It really is a glass blunt. So let's delve into why that seems to simple,…

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Dual Coil Vaporizer Cartridges V.S. Single Coil : The Difference In Vaporizer Cartridges

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There is a lot of hype around the newly designed disposable vaporizer cartridges for oils and THC tinctures. These new refillable oil cartridges come in many different sizes with the most popular being the 1 ML Vaporizer Cartridge and the .5 ML Vaporizer cartridge. With the sizes, the choice really boils down to how much e-liquid you are wanting to put in each cartridge. The industry standard is the 1 ML disposable CE3 vaporizer cartridge while the little .5 ML refillable CE3 vaporizer cartridge is a close second and is gaining popularity thru out medical marijuana dispensaries worldwide. By choosing the…

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The Miami Rave Vaporizer Cartridge Is Smokin’

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Miami Rave has come out with another hot item, the 1 ML Vaporizer Cartridge . This special cartridge is specifically designed for thick oils and liquids. The cartomizer features a 510 thread screw on design which makes these cartridges universal with most vaporizer batteries. This cartridge also has a resistance level of 2.4ohm with a optimal usage voltage at 3.7 V which makes it a beast hen it comes to vaping. The functionality of the cartridge is where the Miami Rave Cartridge takes the win. This cartridge make big smoke til you choke clouds that keep getting bigger and bigger the more…

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The Miami Rave 7pipe Twisty Glass Blunt Is A Game Changer!

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We all know that rolling papers are sometimes difficult, they're wasteful, and they are expensive and time consuming to keep buying. Now, they're also a thing of the past thanks to the Miami Rave 7Pipe Twisty Glass Blunt. Simply pack up to 3.5 grams of your favorite herbs into the tube, twist the screw, and light the end. When you're done, feel free to do it again right away. It's that easy. No more rolling. Purchase your Twisty Glass Blunt from a reputable source who is doing this for a good cause! Miami Rave is a company that strives…

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