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  • CBD Infused Bath Soap From:
    $12.75 every 2 weeks

    Our CBD Infused soap will leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed all day long. Easily wash away stress, anxiety and pain with our expertly crafted CBD bath and body works. This nutrient dense shower gel can be used to aid  mood, health living and overall well being. Our CBD Infused soap feels great on the skin safe making it  an excellent addition to your daily washing routine.


  • CBD Infused Massage Oil From:
    $17.00 every 2 weeks

    Our CBD Infused Massage Oil is an amazing remedy to help fight muscle stiffness, muscle pain and body aches. Use this CBD oil to help stabilize your mood, health and overall well being. Our CBD Infused Massage Oil is muscle and skin safe,  making it not only an excellent addition to your muscle relaxation regimen, but an amazing skin balm or cream to moisturize and repair damaged skin.


  • “Keep Your Cool” Infused Hair Oil Spray From:
    $21.25 every 2 weeks

    Our “Keep Your Cool” CBD Infused Hair Oil Spray has all of the essential vitamins and nutrients to keep your hair fresh and healthy. Our special blend of CBD Distillate Oil, Medium Chain Triglycerides and Terpenes is sure to have your hair looking and smelling great. This CBD oil provides excellent moisturizing and sheen adding effects to your hair for a super fresh sleek look and feel. Take advantage of the hair strengthening and total body soothing effects that cannabidiol provides. Rest assured that with this high quality infused hair oil, no matter what your hair type, your hair will be left smelling great and feeling moisturized. Coarse, fine, thick or curly, our CBD hair spray is designed to keep even the toughest hair textures healthy and in check.

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