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These all natural and organic Terpenes will drastically enhance the flavor profile of your CBD Hemp Flower or CBD Oil. There is no THC in our terps,  so it won’t get you high.

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What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are an essential oil found inside the cannabis plant that provides the aroma, taste and effects of a specific strain.

We provide only organically sourced non-cannabis derived terpenes.

What types of Terpenes can I buy online?

No matter what your taste is, we’re sure you’ll find a terpene that’s perfect for you! Miami Rave has formulated a wide range of terpenes for you to choose from.

Stay tuned as we work tirelessly to release and feature our latest product additions! You’re sure to find a Terpene profile that is perfect for you!

Miami Rave's organic Terpenes nor CBD will get you high.

These terpenes provide no psychoactive effects and contain no THC.

How do Terps work?

Terps are used to change the taste profile of a CBD Oil, Tincture, or CBD Flower. By adding terpenes to your CBD, you can enjoy some of your favorite traditional cannabis derived strains without the high.

Can Terpenes make me fail a drug test?

No, our Terpenes are THC free. This means that they contain no psychoactive ingredients, and will not test test positive for THC.

Are Terpenes legal?

CBD derived from hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3% is legal. Terpenes derived from hemp or other natural organic sources is legal. Our terpenes do not contain any THC at all. Due to the popularity of our terps, we have made it easy for terpenes to be shipped to all 50 states in the USA, and to many countries around the world.

Here at Miami Rave our customers come first. We have invested a vast amount of time and resources to provide fast and efficient shipping. With a click of a few buttons you can buy the best organic terpenes online and have them delivered to your door.

What are the benefits of Terps?

Adding Terpenes to your CBD offers long lasting effects. After infusing these terpenes with our CBD Oil or placing some on our CBD Hemp Buds, you will completely change the taste profile. Adding  a few drops of terpenes is one of the easiest and tastiest ways to enhance your CBD. 

Are Terpenes vegan?

Yes! Our tasty terpenes are Certified Organic and Vegan.

How do I use Terps?

It’s so easy! Simply place a few drops of the terp solution on top of CBD Hemp Flower or mix it into your favorite CBD oil to experience an amazing terpene boost.

We recommend adding only 1 drop of terpenes per gram of CBD hemp flower and 3 drops per gram of CBD Oil then increasing or decreasing your dose as needed!

Why Miami Rave?

We’re on a mission to create the best CBD products available! We want to cater to your needs while having a positive impact on your health. What’s more is that we’re committed to educating and empowering, so you and your loved ones can make confident, informed decisions about CBD.