How To DIY Vaporizer E-Liquid Recipe

There are tons of e-liquid flavors, e-liquid manufactures and e-liquid distributors out there. There is so much going on in the vape community that its sometimes hard to determine what you are looking for, even if its a simple e-liquid accessory like this 280 MAH Button-less Vaporizer Battery. With this very basic and simple DIY e-liquid recipe you will know exactly where your e-liquid came from and exactly what each and every ingredient in your e-liquid does for you and why.

  1. Source Some Quality VG or PG Fluid

This is the most critical part of this entire recipe. VG is Vegetable Glycerin . Vegetable Glycerin is a order-less liquid made from plant oils. VG has been around forever. It is used on foods, cosmetic products and in tinctures where you want to substitute for alcohol. In this case, we are substituting for alcohol because VG and PG fluid is what makes your huge vapor clouds, plus it mixes well with different flavors.You want to make sure that you get 100 percent USP food grade VG fluid. Most VG on the market is USP but make sure before making your purchase that its the quality stuff.

PG on the other hand is Propylene Glycol. Propylene Glycol is  a byproduct of fossil fuel processing and is also found in nature as a byproduct of fermentation of fruits and vegetables. This product is generally found in a lot of foods and cosmetic products. There are rumors and ‘studies’ that confirm an addictive nature of PG fluid and possible health risks in consuming the product, all which make using this kind of shady, despite it giving a more intense throat hit and a sharper flavor profile of your e-juice. Never the less PG is currently the most popular substance used in manufactured e-juices and liquids. If deciding to go this route make sure to read the label carefully and purchase only 100 percent food grade USP.

2. Pick a Flavor

Flavoring the e-liquid is personal my favorite part. During this step you have free reign to mix and match all kinds of cool flavors, aromas and taste into something that is really, really pleasing to vape. A lot of people don’t know this trick! You can go to any local food store and pick up fresh mint leaves, orange peels, lemon extracts, basically anything that adds flavoring to food and your e-ejuice will hold the flavor. It is recommended to steep your flavoring agent in the juice for at least 48 hours. To ensure full flavor release, after you steep the liquid go ahead and leave the liquid on low to medium heat in a saucer pan until you start to see the liquid smoke. Let it boil off roughly 1/rd of the liquid, or until the room smells the way you want your liquid to taste! As I’m sure you may have picked up on, you can also use this recipe to double as a room aromatherapy liquid mixture because the basic principles are still applied. Just don’t add anything you shouldn’t be vaping to your e-liquid juice like lavender oil, etc and you should be golden.

Proportions are definitely something to think about when using a recipe and creating something new. I always live by the rule of measuring twice and cutting once. Start out small at first to gauge how much e-liquid to flavoring that you have to use to get your desired taste. The cool thing about this DIY is that you can make it as strong or as subtle as you would like. Another important thing to experiment with is the steeping times. Some things, such as orange peels, take longer for the flavor to fuse into the e-liquid where as pure extracts such as vanilla extract are almost instantly ready to  e-enjoyed.

The yields for your DIY will make you super happy that you tried this method. It comes out to be significantly cheaper per ML for you to make your own juice.  To make a whole gallon of juice, even with trial and error and purchasing all organic flavoring wont costs you more than 50 to 75 dollars. That is a huge savings on the little 50 ML bottles are like 26.99. There is 3785.41 ML in one gallon so mathematically it a works out. Actually writing this article I believe we will come out with a Miami Rave E- Liquid soon!Check out these 1ML vaporizer cartridges in our store. These are cool for making multiple batches with different flavors. Each cartridge comes with its own individual plastic tube so you can mark/label them as you see fit. They are a great price too and you just simply have to screw them on to any 510 thread vapor battery (most vapes are 510 threaded).

A huge thing to take into consideration is that these products are virtually impossible to find in your local head shop. Your best bet to score some quality VG or PG fluid locally is to call your neighborhood Whole Foods or organic health shop. You can also shop for most of all the natural flavors such as mint or thyme that you wish to steep into your e-liquid mixture.

With this simple  step process you are more than on your way to creating a e-juice that is sure to blow you and your friends away. If you got this far please freaking share this on social media by clicking the little icons below and like/follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Be sure to subscribe to our website for more DIY posts and videos, special coupons/ giveaways to our online shop and to stay updated on all the subjects that matter most!