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What Is A Vape Pen?
A vape pen is referred to the battery used to place a vaporizer cartridge on. Its te essential piece that allows you to actually vape you vape liquid.
What Are Vape Cartridges?
Vape cartridges are the disposable and refillable cartridge that houses your vape liquid. You place the cartridge on the pen.
Is Vaping CBD Safe?
Vaping CBD is Geenerally Considered Much Safer Than Vaping Anything Else, And Considered Way Safer Than Smoking. Our Vapes Are All Natural With No Added Chemicals.
What Is 510 Thread?
510 Thread is the standard thread size for a vaporizer cartridge, and vaporizer pen. You have to match the threads of your cartridge with the threads of your pen. 510 thread is the most popular thread size in medicinal cannabis.