Commending The Canes; Catholics Vs Convicts

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From the Flawless Season to the beloved Turnover Chain, it is safe to say that the U is back. What could’ve been a fluke or a brief run built on momentum became a stamp on the Canes Football Program that has been missing for years. The University of Miami continues to deliver through every game while mustering a consistent swagger that has ignited a fandom burning with the nostalgia of previous era. “This to me is the natural order restored…. This is the way a Saturday night in Miami should be.” Empowering words from UM defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after…

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Cooking With Cannabis: Coconut Cannaoil

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Cannabis has been known to be infused with edible products and continues to gain popularity in public eye. As the mood of the nation continues to shift in support of the plant, legislation has loosened the lines we once could not cross. As a result, there has never been a better time to sharpen yours skills as a Cannabis Chef. Today I’m going to give you insight on how to make some of the best “Cannaoil’ you’ll ever find. Now usually the first question I get is whether or not this is oil you can smoke, No, It is not.…

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Keeping Up With Kendall; Miami History Ft. The Mother & Father of Miami

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For many locals on the outside looking in, Kendall seems like a suburban entity separate from the roots of Dade-County. Across the pond from all that is seen, Kendall lies in the South-West section of South Florida beyond the beaches & downtown living. While Kendall is a relatively young part of the city, the history behind the development goes back to the early years of The 3-0-5. Florida gained its statehood in 1845. At this time Miami-Dade County ran from the Hillsboro Inlet at the northern edge of present-day Broward County to Indian Key, 5 miles south of Islamorada. By…

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Winning In Wynwood

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As the Arts continue to thrive in South Florida, businesses continue to win in Wynwood. A freckle on the map of Miami that is generating as much traffic as we see on our highways. The blind side gentrification and development that came with the boom of the hipster bloom birthed a new area in our city. As a result the Wynwood neighborhood has been getting a lot of attention in the eyes of locals as well as the world. The craziest part of it all is that just a decade ago, it was off the grid in the minds of…

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Going For GREEN In The Sunshine State

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 Floridians got a 2nd chance to vote for Medical Marijuana during 2016’s midterm elections after the state previously denied a 57.6% (3,363,522 voters)  approval in 2014. This has now set the platform for the next handful of years as the Sunshine State gets the GREEN light to move forward on its "Cannabistic" endeavors. Although legislation had a slow start in 2017, the development thus far has been able to generate enough of a buzz to give customers a decent little head high for what’s in store. Just last month State Health Officials granted its latest Medical Marijuana license to a…

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Become A Vapeologist With This Essential Vaping Terminology

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26650 – The largest-sized battery used in advanced e-cigarettes and PVs, these are usually used by sub-ohm vapers, or users who use atomizers with resistances less than 1 ohm. 306 – A type of disposable atomizer, it uses the same thread as a 510 atomizer. 306 atomizers usually have low resistance, and 510 users often use these types for their increased vapor production. 401, 402, and 403 – Also called m401, m402, and m403, these are types of e-cigarettes that are virtually identical except for the battery length, with 401s being the longest and 403s the shortest. 510 – The most common and popular…

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Producing The Highest Quality Cannabis Oil : Rick Simpson

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Producing The Highest Quality Cannabis Oil By: Rick Simpson In the interest of allowing the common man to produce the highest quality and most medicinal oils possible, I have discovered a simple method that will enable just about everyone to produce oils with even more effective medicinal values than I have showed the public in the past. All you actually have to do is add a few more steps to the process we have already showed you, but after you produce oil in this manner I think you will agree that it does make a tremendous difference. If you have…

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017-2018 Football Schedule

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Schedule - 2017 2017 PRESEASON SCHEDULE WK DATE OPPONENT TIME (ET) RESOURCES 1 Fri, Aug 11 @ Cincinnati 7:30 PM 3,544 Tickets Available from $8 2 Thu, Aug 17 @ Jacksonville 8:00 PM ESPN/WatchESPN 3,445 Tickets Available from $11 3 Sat, Aug 26 vs Cleveland 7:30 PM 2,708 Tickets Available from $9 4 Thu, Aug 31 vs Washington 7:30 PM 3,286 Tickets Available from $5 2017 REGULAR SEASON SCHEDULE WK DATE OPPONENT TIME (ET) TICKETS 1 Sun, Sep 10 @ Miami 1:00 PM FOX 1,407 Tickets Available from $40 2 Sun, Sep 17 vs Chicago 1:00 PM…

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The Jacksonville Jaguars Beat The New England Patriots 31-24

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Jaguars vs Patriots NFL Preseason Yesterday, 7:30 PM Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, Massachusetts Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) 31 - 24 Final New England Patriots (0-1) 1 2 3 4 Total Jaguars 3 14 14 0 31 Patriots 3 7 7 7 24 Without the use of Tom Brady and the majority of the New England Patriots first string line up the Jacksonville Jaguars had no troubles defeating the Patriots Thursday night. The final score of 31-24 was justified. The game was somewhat neck and neck until the late third quarter when the Jacksonville Jaguars really took the game into overdrive. Jaguars rookie…

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