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Enjoy our selection of expertly crafted Delta 8 THC Oil. Made from all organic, hemp derived cannabis oil, our selection of Delta 8 THC products boast not only outstanding quality, but outstanding potency as well. Delta 8 THC has changed the game for the emerging CBD industry. Feel safe purchasing this legal Delta 8 THC oil oral drops for you or a loved one. We Stand Behind All Of Our Products. Likewise, We Stand Behind Our Customers With 24 Hours Customer Service.

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Delta 8 THC Oil Tincture FAQS

What is Delta 8 THC Oil?
Delta 8 THC Oil is a hemp extract that is made from the hemp plant, more specifically, the buds themselves. The extract is then processed and turned into a THC Wax. Once turned into a wax we then fractionally distill the Delta 8 THC and remove any unwanted chlorophyll and pollutants. Thru this process, we are able to create a high strength THC Distillate that can be infused into your favorite THC products.
What is a THC Oil Tincture?
Our THC oil tincture formula is the best in the business. We achieve ultimate impact with out tinctures by infusing high potency Delta 8 THC wax with organic terpenes and MCT. Tinctures are simple to use and offer a compact size for easy travelling. Administering tinctures is easy. Simply fill the provided dropper with THC Oil and dose by squeezing droplets of Delta 8 on or under your tongue. Instructions for proper dosing is on the box. Tinctures are especially good for those who wish to avoid smoking or vaping.
How to choose the best Delta 8 THC Oil Tincture?
Similar to choosing the best CBD oil, there are a number of factors to look out for when determining what THC Tincture you should buy. One of those is finding your desired effect, we’ve labelled our bottles to help you achieve this! If you’re still unsure as to what Delta 8 Oil you should buy, then check out our ultimate guide here! If you’re still unsure on how to buy the best CBD oil, then you can check out our dedicated guide here.
Which Delta 8 THC Oil Tincture Should I buy?
The most important factors in determining which THC Oil Tincture to go with is your taste preference and your desired effects. We’ve labelled our bottles with the terpene profiles and recommend doses and strength to help you decide which tincture is best for you! You can choose from our entry level 1,000 mg Delta 8 THC Oil Tincture to our expert level 10,000 mg. Be careful and considerate. Delta 8 is extremely potent.
How do I use a THC Oil Tincture?
Each THC tincture bottle include a dropper, Simply place 2-3 servings under your tongue for 45-60 seconds prior to swallowing. We recommend beginning with this dosage as a baseline, and then increasing your dosage as required. Its really a creeper.
Is Delta 8 THC Oil Legal?
Yes, hemp derived CBD and THC is legal across the USA as long as it contains less than 0.3%DELTA 9  THC. When buying from Miami Rave, you can be sure that our CBD and Delta 8 products contain less than .3% DELTA 9 THC. We deliver to all 50 states across the USA and WORLDWIDE ! **DELTA 8 THC IS A ISOMER OF CBD AND IS 100% LEGAL ACROSS ALL 50 STATES**
Why Choose Miami Rave?
We’re on a mission to create the best THC Oil Tinctures available on the market! We want to cater directly to your needs while also having a positive impact on your health. What’s more important is that we’re committed to educating and empowering, so you and your loved ones can make confident, informed decisions about Cannabis Oil.