Where Is Marijuana Legal?

The United States is gradually becoming the land of the red, white, and green.   The industry is on track to post $20.2 billion in sales by 2021. Here’s a summary of where Americans can light up legally so far in 2017. Alaska Adults 21 and over can light up in Alaska. In early 2015, […]


10 Things To Know About Legal Pot

Recreational marijuana — the kind you smoke without a doctor’s note — wasn’t legal anywhere in the United States five years ago. Since then, voters in eight states and Washington, D.C., have given it the green light. Sales of legal pot grew to $6.6 billion in 2016, according to New Frontier, a research company that […]


Concentrates V.S. Flowers

Cannabis concentrates are becoming an increasingly popular consumption method for cannabis worldwide. Concentrates offer medical patients and recreational users of marijuana the ability to consume their medicine quickly and discretely. Concentrates such as THC Clear and Shatter can reach THC levels of near 100%. If you decide to consume these types of concentrates it is […]

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