CBD Oil in Florida – All that you Need to Know in 2021


Cannabidiol (CBD) oil, which is derived from hemp, can be legally obtained in the state of Florida. If you are a medical marijuana patient, then it’s possible to procure CBD oil in Florida with the levels of THC you need. In case you are new to the world of cannabis and its many health benefits, then here’s what you need to know about CBD in 2021.

CBD Oil in Florida – What Does the Law State?


The Hemp Farming Act was launched in 2018. Ever since the law came into force, states in the US were empowered to create their legislative frameworks for various hemp-derived products and hemp. In course of time, some states became less stringent about industrial hemp production. For instance, hemp-derived CBD is legal in Florida. This means that if you reside in Florida, then CBD oil products can be bought or sold in line with the cannabis laws in force. However, you have to adhere to the CBD laws in Florida, which are now firmly in place.

THC in CBD Oil – Is it Legal? 

One important point to note about the legality of CBD oil products in Florida is that the THC level cannot be more than .3%by weight. In other words, the percentage of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC in the hemp plant has to be less than .3% by weight to be legal. Only the registered marijuana patients, who own medical prescriptions, can have CBD oil tablets, pills and other products with a higher level of THC.

CBD Oil – What is in it for users in Florida?


The cannabis plant has different types of cannabinoids, including CBD. As per experts with knowledge about CBD oil, this cannabinoid is present in hemp and marijuana plants alike. CBD boasts of several therapeutic and medicinal benefits and does not give off any ‘high’. This makes CBD oil a hot favorite of wellness and health practitioners in Florida. As it is legal to prescribe CBD oil to their patients, practitioners do not hesitate in curing patients with the goodness of CBD. It’s common for practitioners to advise CBD with THC to patients who need it the most.

Florida CBD Laws 2014


The Florida CBD laws have witnessed several changes in the last eight years. Earlier, according to SB 1030, low-THC CBD oil was legalized. The rule qualified the use of CBD oil with THC to the medical marijuana patients linked with the state program. The first medical marijuana program also allowed patients suffering from muscle spasms, cancer, seizures, terminal illness, etc. to obtain cannabis with10% or more CBD, and up to .8% of THC. They could possess, buy and imbibe CBD products against a doctor’s recommendation

Regulations for CBD Oil in the State of Florida – 2016 and 2019


Amendment 2016, which was approved in 2016, applied restrictions for the smokable types of marijuana. Thereafter, in 2019, lawmakers passed SB 182 that allowed medical marijuana patients registered with the State to buy legal cannabis products with THC and CBD.

Latest Laws Affecting CBD Oil Use  

SB 1020, passed in July 2019, included several changes in the existing laws guiding the sale and possession of CBD in Florida.

          In line with the content of the 2018 Farm Bill,SB 1020 legalized hemp. To abide by the law, hemp should contain less than .3% of THC by weight. This is equal to federal standards.

          Hemp extracts are also legalized subject to certain restrictions.

          SB 1020 has legalized CBD specifically. In 2021, hemp-derived cannabinoids are no longer considered controlled substances.

Future of CBD Infused Oil 

These days, registered patients are receiving the many benefits of medical CBD and marijuana. Along with epileptic seizures, CBD oil is being used for providing relief to patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, arthritis discomfort, etc. More research is underway and new changes may be necessary for Amendment 2 for patients with strenuous pain.

Benefits that You Should Know 

Are you looking for CBD oil for sale in Florida? While there is no dearth of medical benefits of hemp products, you have to be careful about the quality of CBD you choose. We deal with the highest-quality CBD oil products that are hand vetted by experts. We possess the desired standards of potency and medical benefits. So, look forward to getting the best returns when you invest in CBD oil products at Miami Rave.

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