Ramping Up Sales with Weed Delivery

More and more dispensaries are popping up all over the nation, in every city it seems.  Consumers are branching out to more and more dispensaries and trying new products every single day.  As the owner of a marijuana dispensary, it’s becoming more and more difficult to separate your location from others in the area.

As sales are being spread out, and the average revenue per dispensary location in California is decreasing – you must find creative and intuitive ways to offer new services, products, and a better overall experience for cannabis consumers.

Adding Weed Delivery in Your Area

Most states and cities are becoming more and more accepting of weed delivery, permitting you have the proper license and certifications as part of your cannabis license.  You can start by checking with your local or state compliance organization, to see what the options and opportunities are in-line with your current license.

If deliveries are offered with the license you already have, then you have won half the battle of going to market with your new cannabis service.  If not, then simply ask the compliance regulator for an application to allow deliveries in your area.  Most times, if you already have a cannabis license then it is a quick and easy approval process.

Weed Delivery Applications and Orders

There are many weed delivery applications and delivery services with a pre-built platform already in existence. Such as WeedMaps, Leafly, Haze, Dutchie, GotWeed.

These apps offer the user an intuitive interface to place their order after selecting which dispensary they would like to order from.  The best part, is most of these apps integrate directly with your POS in your dispensary – linking orders and delivery routes automatically.  Making life much easier for the customer and your budtenders.

You do want to be careful when sending your online customers to one of these apps though, because there are promotions and other dispensaries actively trying to steal away the views once they get to their application.  To work around this, we suggest contacting your cannabis web design or marketing company, to help integrate an I-Frame or custom shortcode to integrate the ordering directly onto your pages.  This will help keep the customer on your page for the entire life-cycle of the order and sale.

Promoting Your Weed Delivery Service

As part of your profile on Google My Business, you can add in deliveries as part of your offering.  You may even link directly to your ordering page from your profile to make things seamless for online visitors.

Print up some flyer and cards to hand out to existing customers when they are inside of your location.  This will help get the word out to others in the community about your store now offering weed delivery as a service.

You may also want to use social media as a platform to promote your delivery service, as most dispensaries aren’t focused on socials too much.  Simply by posting to your company page with a simple graphic stating that you now offer delivery services can help in a big way with sales and return customers.

Tracking Customers For The Future

Anytime you receive a delivery order, make sure you are keeping track of where these deliveries occur the most and when given permission you can also keep track of the customers e-mail and cell phone number for future advertisements and marketing strategies for your dispensary.

When your budtenders are filling the orders, a simple ask over the phone or questionnaire sent to the customer will go a long way to help assist in your future cannabis marketing endeavors.

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