CBD 101

Benefits of using CBD skin care products

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a cannabis plant-derived oil. It is found to work miracles in many areas. It is effective in ingestion and topical applications on various skin ailments that are completely treated. Most skincare products constitute toxic chemicals that may bring wonders to your skin. Unfortunately, the overdose of chemicals can not only affect your skin but can create permanent damage. With so many threats involved with using chemicals on your skin, it is better to look for a herbal or plant-based alternative.

A recent survey done by Genemarkers (a clinical research company) discovered that CBD oil could interact with up to 165 of your skin’s genes when used in the right approach. According to Dr. Nima Gharavi, a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon at the Cedars-Sinai Cosmetic Dermatology Program, using a Cannabidiol topical on your skin is likely to rejuvenate the damaged cells.

Best CBD products for different skin conditions

CBD lip balm- 

If you are fed up with constantly applying petroleum jelly and other chemical products on your chapped lips without any results, then you must go for CBD lip balm. When you go shopping, ensure the ingredient list includes cannabidiol. Almost all brands that sell CBD products for lips mention the overall cannabidiol substance in milligrams. They are combined with a number of Organic products like beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, Sunflower seed oil. The primary purpose of these lip balms is to provide a base cover for the surface of the lip. Once the surface is covered, there is no interaction with air that dries up the lip. At the same time, it has CBD in it, which works on repairing the already damaged skin. Applying the lip balm over the surface of the lip acts as a cover and cuts the air interaction. When the air interaction is cut off, the loss of moisture to air does not take place. The moisture is locked, and the lips feel soft instantly after applying the product. The lip balm does not work overnight, but regular use of the product ensures long-term relief from dry, chapped lips.


CBD hair oil spray-

External conditions and stress harm your hair as well. Here’s just like your skin needs a lot of care. To keep the health of your hair intact, you need to work on it. Like the CBD lip balm, there are different bases on which the CBD hair spray is prepared. These bases are meant to moisturize your dry scalp and keep your roots healthy. When CBD is applied to your scalp, it interacts with the natural sebum levels. The companies that prepare these oils prepare them under expert supervision. But you should always confirm to see if the company whose commodity you’re buying offers a third-party certificate of quality and safety. There are not one but many problems that can cause irreversible damage to your hair. There are specific fundamental issues, if tackled in time, that can help regain your hair health. Long-term neglect of these conditions results in permanent hair damage. Conditions like dry scalp, dandruff, split ends can be looked after in time to get back your luscious locks. Some companies not only provide CBD hair oil but also have a CBD hair spray for hair care . When you spray the hair oil in your hair, it will create a cover to moisturize your hair strands. It prevents further drying by locking the moisture inside. The CBD present in the product works on damage reversal. 

CBD face cleanser-

CBD has antimicrobial properties, which can decrease bacterial accumulation in the oily area of the skin’s pores. Oily skin clogs the pores on your skin, thereby paving the way for acne to emerge. CBD inhibits the excessive production of lipids (including sebum) in skin cells, making it an acne preventative. A face cleanser works on removing the excessive oil on your face that can clog your skin pores. At the same time, many face cleansers have toxic Chemicals as their main ingredients to fight off the oil. They can leave the skin feeling dry. Sometimes prolonged use of these chemical-based face washes or cleansers can trigger the onset of rashes on your skin. It can be very disappointing, as it might fulfill the purpose of unclogging the skin, but it results in another skin problem. It would be best if you used herbal and organic face cleansers. Using face cleansers that have CBD in them is also very beneficial. These face cleansers not only remove the excessive oil from your face and unclog the pores, but they discourage any microbial infection. If it is succeeded by applying a face moisturizer and CBD lip balm, you can also prevent further skin damage. 

CBD moisturizers- 

Moisturizing your skin is one of the most important acts that is carried out in your skincare routine. Moisturizing your face is as important as moisturizing your whole body. When the skin is taken care of perfectly, and proper water retention is maintained, the skin shows a natural glow. Every skin has a different reaction to different elements. So you can choose the base element of your choice. A CBD moisturizer that has this base element can be utilized to fulfill your skin’s needs. You might wonder if the base element is acting on retaining the moisture of your skin, then what is the need of choosing a product that has CBD in it. A plain moisturizer can act as a temporary cover on your skin to stop the moisture from escaping. A moisturizer that has CBD content in it can keep your skin moisturized and fight harmful bacterial growth while repairing damaged skin cells.  A plain moisturizer has a lot of chemical content involved in it. Using these chemical-based moisturizers for a long time over your skin can have adverse effects. Since CBD moisturizer is a plant-based oil added to the base element, it does not create any significant issues.

It would help if you preferred brands that sell CBD products for skin, mentioning the overall cannabidiol substance in milligrams. It ensures purity and the appropriate amount of content. If you don’t find moisturizers effective, you can apply CBD oils to your skin.

Why Choose CBD products?

CBD topicals, with their soothing properties, provide immediate relief from itchiness on sensitive skin. CBD-containing products, in particular, are best suited for sensitive skin due to their non-irritating structural system. The early findings on the effects of CBD on skin and hair are positive. The impact of products that do not have CBD in them and those with CBD as an ingredient are compared on similar skin types. CBD products have shown a great role in reversing skin damages and treating many other issues. Most people know the effects of consuming CBD, But recently, people have understood the effect of topical CBD product application. Studies are showing the effect of CBD on genes, and the genes can regulate your skin’s healing rate, water intake, skin barrier wellness, pigmentation (implies dark spots, age spots, or skin problems), inflammatory condition (eczema, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis), the oil in your skin, skin maturing, your skin’s reactions to trauma, and skin cell regeneration. With so many benefits with CBD products without chemical damage to the skin is a win-win situation for both maker and user.