The lip-care ritual to swear by, for healthy lips

Is your skin oily, yet somehow your lips tend to get dry and chapped? If the answer is yes, then it’s time you should rethink your lip care routine. 

It is mainly the winters that take away the soft lip charm away from your lips. But it is not only the season; many other factors contribute to your lips’ wellness and health.

But the most crucial factor that gives you natural plump lips is water retention.

Things to follow before setting your lip care routine-

Drink an ample amount of water– 

Many people might find it strange, but it is one of the most neglected rituals. Many tend to forget that rashes and dry lips are your body’s way of telling you that you lack moisture. Applying anything on the surface won’t affect unless the root cause is met. Like with trees, you need to water the roots to get a fresh bloom; similarly, you need fluids in your body for proper hydration. And water is the best fluid that can help you smoothly carry your body functions. Once the water requirement is met, your skin and lips start showing a healthy glow.

Use fewer chemicals– 

To get the lips you see on brand endorsement posters; you don’t need to load them with all kinds of products in the market. You can stick to one product that works for you, like CBD lip balm or vitamin oil. Loading hundreds of chemical-based products could further damage rather than help your lip. Prolonged use of chemicals on your skin can cause irreparable damage, according to some studies. These products might show you good results just after some days of use but can cause more damage in the long term. Experts suggest that before choosing a skincare product, always try the patch test. If the patch test works well, then you should check the ingredients involved in making the product. Try to use a product that has a minimum number of chemicals involved.

Protection from sun and pollution

 Another essential aspect that people tend to forget is the protection of your lip. With increasing pollution everywhere, people don’t realize that the smoke and gases surrounding them also affect their skin. The effects of these unwanted gases and smoke cannot be seen instantly, but the results show in a couple of days or months. This is yet another reason for you to carry your CBD lip balm or vitamin tint with you at all times. When you go out in the sun, you see melanin working to protect your skin, but often we forget about the lips. Lips exposed to direct sunlight or wind can lose their moisture and become chapped and dry. Hence, it is crucial to protect your lips with a lip care product.


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The lip care routine you should follow-

  1. Start with washing your lips in the morning. You do not want to overuse products, so this routine will avoid unnecessary use of products. You can use your hands to rub over the skin of your lip. It will give your lips a fresh start.
  2. Take a cotton cloth and gently press it on your lips. Cotton absorbs moisture immediately. Hence your lips will feel dry.
  3. Avoid applying any products immediately in the morning after washing your lips. Let your lips breathe in some fresh air. Leaving your lips exposed to normal air is also very important. You can let your lips enjoy the fresh air. In the meantime, you can carry on and have your beverages. You can also extend this time to finish off your morning meal.
  4. After some time, you need to apply a lip balm or a vitamin tint or oil that acts as a protective layer over your lips.
  5. You need to know which product suits your skin and swear by that product for the entire time instead of changing and applying different products.
  6. The nighttime lip routine is the most important routine of the day to keep your lips healthy and plump. You should seldom miss this routine if you want to have a healthy-looking lip.
  7. For this, you are to start with exfoliation; it is the most critical process of your whole regime. Many people get dependent on products and often forget the importance of exfoliation.
  8. When you need to exfoliate, you have to use soft cloth-like cotton or satin. You can also prefer a brush that has very soft bristles. The cloth or brush you choose must be very soft, so you don’t hurt your love. Wrap the fabric on your finger and gently roll it on your lips. If you are using a brush, you should move the bristles softly over your lips. When you do this, you remove the dead cells from your skin. If the dead cells cover the skin of your lips, your lips will look dull. When you remove the dead cells from your lips, you have a fresh layer of lip exposed.
  9. You can do this for a minute or two; once done, you should dry the lips with cotton or any soft cloth by patting them on your lips.
  10. When you try off your lips, you have to see that you no longer leave your skin exposed. You can apply your CBD lip balm over your lips. It is said that the skin tends to repair the damaged cells at night time. So taking care of your lips at night is necessary.

CBD lip balms: 

They are very effective when striving for soft and smooth lips. Being plant-based, they are an organic option for chemical-based products. The benefits of CBD lip balms are unending.

Unlike the other lip care products, CBD lip balm not only creates a protective layer over the lip skin but also helps in cell damage reversal. Once you understand what a CBD lip balm does to your skin, you will want more. 

Vitamin tint/ oils – 

These products are also meant to protect your lip’s skin from any further damage. They cut off the direct exposure to heat and wind.

Benefits of using CBD skin care products
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