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Miami Rave has come out with another hot item, the 1 ML Vaporizer Cartridge . This special cartridge is specifically designed for thick oils and liquids. The cartomizer features a 510 thread screw on design which makes these cartridges universal with most vaporizer batteries. This cartridge also has a resistance level of 2.4ohm with a optimal usage voltage at 3.7 V which makes it a beast hen it comes to vaping. The functionality of the cartridge is where the Miami Rave Cartridge takes the win. This cartridge make big smoke til you choke clouds that keep getting bigger and bigger the more you warm the coils up! If showing off to your friends your new mods and blowing fat O’s is your thing, then this cartridge is for you!

Each Cartridge comes with a total of 6 main parts. The first parts are the plastic tube and end cap that the cartridge itself is placed into. We like to think of this as a sleeve or a holding/carrying case for your cartridge. It simply helps you keep everything organized and safe for storage. After filling your cartridge you place the finished product into the plastic tube then place the rubber stopper over the end cap. The third piece is a removable mouthpiece and right under that lays the fourth piece which is a small clear-ish rubber stopper to stop your liquid from coming out of the cartridge when sucked on or held upside down.The fifth piece is the main part of your cartridge plus the metal coil at the bottom. The sixth piece is your rubber thread protector that protects the 510 threads from being damaged.

These 1ML Vaporizer Cartridges are also great for the DIY’er . You like to make your own e-liquids? This is perfect for you! Now you can make 5 or 10 of each flavor, keep them organized, and know exactly how much is in each container! The disposable nature of these cartridges make them perfect for sharing with friends, or making small experimental batches to try a new flavor.

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All of the products made by Miami Rave are make to the highest standards using the highest quality materials possible at the time. We pride ourselves in the quality of not only the products we provide, but in the level of service we provide as well. As a community we strive to make sure that no one is ever left out. Vapers, Smokers &tokers! Check out the new Miami Rave Twisty Glass Blunt ! Always make sure to subscribe to our website to get a chance to win a lot of free stuff! Follow us on social media too !

Purchase your 1ML Vape Cartridges from a reputable source who is doing this for a good cause! Miami Rave is a company that strives to provide the best community possible for cannabis advocates, music lovers, party goers and people who love to have a great time! Our Vapor Cartridges & Accessories are sure to keep you entertained & medicated while remaining discrete and stylish.

  • Fill & cap your cartridge & it’s ready to go
  • 1ML Fill Volume
  • 510 Thread for Universal Use
  • Carry it with you where ever you go
  • Specifically designed for thicker oils and liquids
  • 100% Authentic 100% High Quality!!!
  • Available in BULK QUANTITIES


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