How to Increase Cannabis Resin Production ?

So, after a lot of effort and time that the planters have spent during the journey of growing cannabis, there is no better reward than getting full buds of THC-charged resin. Don’t you think? Good resin production is a new challenge for present cannabis growers and extractors. With the increasing love for cannabis, people started demanding new highs, concentrates, and extraction, which means there is an immediate need to find the solution to boost resin production. Resin is a concentrated form of cannabis, and finding ways to increase its production is  worth trying for.’

You might be thinking, is it really possible to increase the growth and production? Honestly, there is not a magical idea or technique behind it. It is just the game of combining different elements and taking proper care of your plants. Factors like genetics, an optimal growing environment and conditions, adequate full-spectrum light, and adequate nutrients at the right time are essential in this whole process. Following all these will indeed result in getting more resinous buds. 

However, if you have started the cultivation of cannabis on your own, you would keenly want some beautiful buds on your growing. So, to help you with this task, this article is made for you! Continue reading it to get some exciting and informative advice so that you obtain some very resinous flowers. 

What is cannabis resin?

Those who are pro-level cannabis consumers must be aware of this term, but for those who are new in this journey, you need to know about cannabis resin. So, the basic idea everyone needs to know is that every cannabis plant has a mission. This mission is to reproduce with the genetics live on. The process of pollination takes place, and the plant starts growing. The plant needs to defend its progeny from insects, light, contamination, and many other factors during this. So, this brings the evolution of trichomes. 

Now, trichomes are the tiny little resin glands that get assembled on and around the flowers of the mature cannabis plant. These trichomes or resin glands release the term you are learning, i.e., “resin.” Moreover, they also contain all the cannabinoids and terpenes that give a definite rich taste, flavor, and aroma to the cannabis plant. Furthermore, they also release potent effects.

Talking about the morphology and physiology of cannabis resin, they are light to dark brown, sticky substances found on trichomes of a cannabis plant. They appear as white hairs and deliver the majority of the psychoactive compound THC. Moreover, products that contain resin are called cannabis concentrate.

How to take care of your cannabis resin? 

cannabis resin

Boosting resin requires some forethought, meaning that there is a necessary need to plan in advance the growing techniques for a better outcome of the resinous plant. For healthy development and growth, taking care of these plants is the foremost task. You should always keep in mind and consider factors like the strains you grow, how you handle the plants and what is the suitable period for harvesting them to get peak content. 

1. Maintain the contact: 

You should always maintain the distance between you and the plants. Try to avoid touching them as much as possible. It is crucial to minimize this activity when handling cannabis plants, whether wet or dry. The reason behind this is every single time you touch the flowers, trichomes either get damaged or removed and thus, the resin will also be affected. 

2. Strains: 

You all must be familiar that a wide range of cannabis strains is readily available in the market. So, naturally, you can understand that some strains produce more resin than others. There is no doubt that each strain has its composition and grows and produces more or fewer trichomes based on its optimum environmental conditions. The basic idea is that high THC-content genetics tend to be the ideal choice for those who are looking to achieve a good amount of resin production. 

3. Harvest time: 

You can get the idea of the correct harvest time of your cannabis plant by looking at the color of trichomes. The right color will help you determine when the cannabinoid content is at its fullest. However, if harvesting is not done on time or done too late, you might face a decrease in the production of trichomes and thus resin because trichomes begin to degrade and production is stopped. 

3 Tricks or ways to elevate the production of resin

Cannabis Nutrients

1. Plant training: 

Plant training is broadly divided into two categories that are low-stress training (LST) and high-stress training (HST). Both techniques are practical solutions to help increase resin production. With this, they are also helpful in improving the quality of flowers. However, the idea behind these processes is applying the force to the plant either by tying down the branches or cutting or pinching off the plant in particular places to achieve a desired size or structure to allow better airflow and the light to reach deeper. Do not create an illusion in your mind that this process will change the production result of the trichomes but will indeed allow your plant to produce maximum trichomes and thus resin production. 

2. Nutrients:

Nutrition is an essential requirement of any plant. Even if you take the example of yourself, your body requires a proper diet and nutrition to do your primary daily task. You all must be aware that a plant needs plenty of phosphorus and potassium to perform its growing activities. These elements are necessary when it comes to the development of flowers and oils. A healthy diet plays a vital role when you are in need of boosting the resin production of your cannabis. A weak and deficient plant will not be able to grow itself. Moreover, different cannabis strains have nutritious alternative requirements, so for your cannabis plant, you need to try out the further concentration of these elements and then check out which will work in the absolute best way.  

3. Temperature and humidity: 

There is no doubt that temperature and humidity are the major factors that affect the growth of any plant. When it comes to cannabis, this plant requires an optimal condition of these significant factors. Moreover, you can think on your own that a plant will genuinely suffer if the proper conditions are not maintained. On the other side, if a cannabis plant gets a healthy diet with all nutrients and adequate sunlight and humidity, the growth will automatically be shifted to a higher level. However, to increase trichome production and following resin, temperature and humidity can be adjusted, which will induce a sense of stress. Now, this will support plants to produce more as a defense mechanism.  


Now you are all set to enjoy the increase in resin production of your cannabis flowers. Your cannabis plants do not need much more than a flourishing environment and space. The tips mentioned above will indeed be helpful if you are providing an improvised growing space to your plant. Just in case you are fulfilling every necessity of your plant and it is still not showing any positive results in resin production, you must pay attention to better quality genetics. Hope you found this article helpful!

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