Cannabis nutrient burn – facts and figures

Cannabis is a unique plant. The Love for cannabis has motivated individuals to cultivate it in their nurseries. Your cannabis plant needs proper nourishment to get the best yields from beginning to end. You want to know the fundamentals of cultivating this plant to get going. You want to cleverly invest in your plants to get the best outcomes. It is also seen that sometimes people forget that everything that you put into cultivation should be optimum. Many first-timers don’t have the experience to understand the plant requirements, and they may add a lot of nourishing contents into the soil to get a very good yield. The idea behind adding so much content to the soil is that getting more than enough nutrition can lead to high output. it would be surprising for people to know that loading nutrients and other nourishing content for the plant can also lead to damage. Very few would understand the concept of Cannabis nutrient burn. Here this article will let you know everything about it.

Introduction- what is Cannabis nutrient burn?

You would know that every plant, including Cannabis medical plants, requires a particular amount of nutrients during a certain growth phase. When the plant is going through this phase of growth, the availability of nutrition to get a healthy phase output is necessary. But often, people forget the optimum requirement of the nutrition during this phase, and if the nutrition content is more than the requirement and it is loaded with nutrients during this phase, the plants go under a phase of stress. This phase is known as Cannabis nutrient burn. 

How to know if the cannabis plant is under stress?

First-timers and beginners who grow cannabis often misjudge the use of nutrients in order to get a bountiful Output. They often overuse these nutrients. The Cannabis plants, instead of giving a better Output, start showing signs of stress. There are certain signs that you can look for in a Cannabis medical plant to know if it is under stress or not. Once you are sure about the plant being in stress, you can work on correcting the mistake. Look for these signs mentioned below to be sure about the situation.

  • The color of the leaves changes, and they become dark green. The shade can be a natural color of the leaf, but if the color has changed drastically, then you should check for the nutrient burn. 
  • The sugar leaves or the tips of the leaves will start turning yellow and gradually start drying up, ultimately dying and falling off the branch.
  • The tips of these leaves will start turning around and can be seen turning almost to a 90-degree bend. This is also a clear sign of something being wrong with the plant. If it is not nutrient burn, there can be some other chances of problems with the plant that you need to figure out. But this is a very classic case of nutrient burn in a Cannabis plant. 
  • The edges of the plant leaf serration start to show bronze or brown spotting all over. 
  • The leaves can be seen changing color, especially the tips they become translucent and bright.
  • Even the stocks or the branches of these leaves start to turn red or purple. This fundamental change in color combined with the drying up of leaves can definitely be an outcome of excessive nutrition.

Why is it important to check for nutrition burn?

Checking Cannabis Plant

You might be aware of the process of photosynthesis in plants. It is the only way the energy from the Sun is captured through the leaves of these plants in order to manufacture food for the whole plant to survive. When there is excessive nutrition given to the plant, the signs we saw above mentioned the color gets changed. The leaves start losing their green color and ultimately die. When the leaves turn yellow, they lose their ability to trap the energy from the Sun. When this ability is lost, the food is not prepared, and there is not sufficient energy for the whole plant to survive. So if a plant is undergoing a nutrition burn, then it has to fight for survival. if left unchecked, the plant might also die. 

How to prevent your plant from the situation?

If you are a first-timer or beginner in this field, then you should work on understanding the needs and ways of plant cultivation. You need to be thorough with the requirement of nutrition at every stage of cultivation. For instance, nitrogen is required in abundance when the plant is in a vegetative state. So you have to be sure that you don’t underuse or overuse nitrogen during this period. You can look for the recommended amount of nutrition during this time and try using three-quarters of the amount for proper cultivation. This will ensure that you are not underusing or overusing the nutrition. And the plants receive proper nourishment throughout their growth period. Optimum use of nutrition and a balanced environment leads to a healthy plant giving good yield. 

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