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Diy Guide: How to Make Hemp Bracelets?

Have you ever thought of making hemp bracelets? It is not at all an uphill task. Hemp bracelets are easy to make and can add grace to any outfit. Moreover, they can be considered a perfect gift for your friend. Talking about its characteristics, they are environment friendly and are sustainable. Not to mention but their permanence is extremely well, and they will be your long-run partners. Other than this, you can try making your hemp bracelets by yourself. Not to worry, they are economical too. 

If you have never tried making hemp bracelets, then what are you waiting for? It does not require a right or specific time. Hemp bracelets are a versatile and affordable craft option suitable for everyone. Furthermore, it requires very few supplies, and one of the major requirements is hemp cord. In addition, those who are pro in making hemp bracelets can kick things up a notch by experimenting and applying creativity in new designs. Show off your crafting skills and design a new bracelet every day. Keep reading this article till the end to know the step-by-step guide of making hemp bracelets. 

What is hemp jewelry? 

Every piece of hemp jewelry is made from hemp twine or cord, and this twine and cord come from the species of hemp. This plant has numerous benefits other than jewelry, including making paper, rope, and edibles. Moreover, due to its several advantages, this plant is cultivated on a large scale. 

Pros of using hemp in jewelry

1. Durability

Do you know that hemp is also used to make ropes for ships? You can get the idea of its durability from that. Like you can imagine how strong these hemp fibers are. Now, you can easily get an idea of the longevity of hemp jewelry. If these fibers could strongly hold a ship at bay, then, of course, the hemp twine and cord can produce sturdy and ever-lasting jewelry. 

2. Peaceful to your skin

Many of you would face the problem of skin allergy? In most cases, people with sensitive skin should face this problem because sensitive skin reacts to jewelry quickly. Undoubtedly, you should opt for hemp jewelry. This magical plant is hypoallergenic and doesn’t cause any irritation and redness when worn in jewelry. Moreover, its ability to wick moisture from the skin makes it a perfect choice for summer and warm weather. On the whole, people with sensitive skin can trust hemp jewelry because of its skin-friendly nature. 

3. Environment-friendly

Being human beings, it is our moral duty to safeguard the environment. By holding your hands towards hemp jewelry, you are helping to minimize environmental pollution. Indeed, hemp is a natural organic material that is biodegradable and sustainable and has tremendous benefits. According to the study, cultivating hemp has promoted the phytoremediation and biofortification of selenium. Isn’t it amazing? In a nutshell, hemp is not just advantageous to your skin but is also good for the health of the soil. So, guys, start adopting hemp jewelry in your life and step up to the way of protecting the environment. 

4. Unique designs 

Hemp Bracelet

Another astounding benefit of this mysterious plant is that it gives you entry to the world of jewelry. You can create various stylish designs by yourself. In addition, you can also dye the hemp cords for fun and give your jewelry a colorful vibe. It actively demonstrates that you can fabricate a lot of aesthetic jewelry with its natural look. The hemp itself makes this type of jewelry perfect to wear anywhere anytime with its admirable look. 

Step by step guide for making hemp bracelets

After reading the great pros of hemp jewelry, you all must be interested to know how to make hemp bracelets! Making hemp bracelets is a fun and easy activity to do in your spare time with some of your friends or on your own. Consequently, many of you will be new to this craft activity of making hemp bracelets, and many will be looking to refine their skills. So, read this easy-to-follow guide to learn in-depth the basics of making hemp bracelets. You can show your inventiveness and design as many designs as you can. Let’s start with the steps of making hemp bracelets. 

Supplies needed

You do need many supplies for making hemp bracelets. All you need is hep twine, a few beads, a pair of scissors, and a knowledge of how to tie some basic knots. 

1. Hemp twine

There are many ultimate varieties of hemp twine. Some are colorful, and some have different sizes. The thickness of the twine is up to you, But preferably you should always buy thick twines. 

2. Choosing claws and beads

Yes, you all might fail in choosing the best beads and claws for your hemp bracelets. You should always use beads that have wide holes so that the twine can easily pass through them. In the case of claws, lobster claws are getting in trend these days because they are convenient to use. 

What are hemp bracelets?  

Hemp bracelets are a type of hemp jewelry made from entwining hemp cords. Some will have beads and claws, while some are simple and subtle, just plain hemp twines. 

Starting the process of making hemp bracelets

Step-1: Cutting

You have to do this step carefully. You will require two pieces of hemp to make a hemp bracelet. For the measurement, loosely wrap the hemp around your wrist to get the idea. Now, cut one piece of hemp twice the length of the bracelets and cut another piece of hemp approx 4 times the size of the bracelet. 

Step-2: Make the loop

This step is a bit confusing so do this patiently. Now, fold the cut two pieces in half and sequence the endpoint with a loop. Another step is to make a knot under this same loop. The need for this loop is basically to close the finished piece. It is generally best to attach a safety pin to your snare, or you can even place the circle somewhere stationary. This idea will help you to make tight and neat knots. 

Step-3: Positioning the strands

To make the knot, place the two shorter pieces of hemp together in the middle, and you should put the two long strands on the sides. Now, what you have to do is loop the left long strand behind the two short pieces and form a “C” shape. Now, repeat the steps on the right side, bring it across the middle two pieces and take it through “C.”

Step-4: Secure the knot

To tighten the knots you made in previous steps, pull the long strands. Try to make smooth and even-looking knots. Repeat step-3 to make another knot and finish by securing. However, if you want to add some beads to the bracelet, insert them at your volunteer position in the strands. Reach the end of the strands by making the knots.

Step-5: Finishing 

For the last step, you have to slide the end knot into the loop created at the starting. And voila! Your handmade hemp bracelet is ready. This is easy, isn’t it? The whole process of making hemp bracelets is so fascinating. So, start creating your hemp bracelets now. 


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far is that hemp is one of the most versatile materials, and the ideas of crafting with it are almost endless. Considering the durability of hemp, it is a great idea to adopt in textiles. Furthermore, you can design hemp bracelets in many ways, including beaded bracelets, Celtic knot bracelets, woven hemp bracelets, square knot hemp bracelets, or zipper patterned hemp bracelets. Before wrapping this up, you should know that the result of the bracelet designed by you will look so chic that no one will believe you made it yourself!