For beginners who are recently introduced to the basics of cooking, asking them to cook with Cannabis can seem very daunting. Learning the basics of cooking itself is a very tough task, including Cannabis to this cooking at such early stages might make the cook feel like a lot of troublesome work. However, the thought of it might seem very interesting, but for someone who has just started fixing up a sandwich or cooking Mac and cheese, this might seem to be expert-level work.

It is for those who want to cook with Cannabis but are afraid to try because it seems Like a problematic task. We provide specific recipes that you can cook with Cannabis and are very easy for beginners. We promise that the recipes we share here will be effortless for you, even if you are very new to cooking.

Before we start sharing the recipes, here are specific points that you must keep in mind before you begin with the process.

1. Be sure about the strain- 

You must understand that every strain of Cannabis has a different flavor and different types of effects. For example, a strain can have more CBD and very little THC, while some other strains might have higher levels of THC. So before you start with your ingredients and the cooking process, you need to be sure about what strain you will use. You have to be sure that the strain you will be consuming might take time to kick in but would have all the effects. So you have to be ready for anything that comes your way. This is very important as you must not get confused with the strain and finally get a result that you were not looking for.

2. Always use weed in its smallest form- 

When cooking with weed, it is essential to have a grinder to break the weed into its smallest form, which is nearly powdery in nature. If you do not have a grinder, then you can also do it with your hands but see to it that the weed should be finely crushed and are grounded properly before they are utilized as an ingredient in your food. Crushing the read properly shows more extraction of its contents when consumed. So if they are not appropriately crushed, you might not experience the level of effects you expected.

3. Avoid using weed in its raw form- 

If you have any knowledge about how the weed works, then you must know no that the psychoactive element that the weed has doesn’t exist when it is directly plucked from the plant. In its raw form, it is really bad, almost making you feel like throwing up. When you are using weed in its raw form, it is very similar to any other leafy vegetable like spinach used raw in the recipe only with weed, it tastes terrible.

4. Understand before and what you are in for-  

Whenever you are using weed or Cannabis in your food item then, you must understand how it acts. So if you have any underlying medical condition that does not allow you to, you take any psychoactive substance like Cannabis when you must drop the idea of cooking with it. Even if you are taking some medication that doesn’t allow you to make Cannabis products for Cannabis with the medication, even then, you must talk to a medical practitioner who can suggest you better options.

Cooking With Cannabis

Let’s move on to the recipes!

There are more than one ways to cook with Cannabis. Here are some ways you can use Cannabis to make simple recipes at home.

Cannabutter grilled cheese sandwich

  • In a bowl, join the normal spread, cannabutter, and Dijon
  • Spread combination on 1 side of each cut of bread
  • Put the lumps of cheddar on the non-buttered side of bread
  • Heat the olive oil over medium hotness in a nonstick skillet
  • Cook on the two sides until bread is brilliant bread and cheddar is liquefied through. Around 4 minutes a side
  • Slice down the middle and serve warm

Cannabis tea

Cannabis tea

Ingredients needed:

2 teaspoons ground weed trim, stems, or buds

Coconut milk, discretionary

2 teaspoons dried chamomile

2 teaspoons dried rose buds

Lemon or honey( optional)


You can decide to decarboxylate your Cannabis (dried) in advance or not. (Once more, this relies upon whether you’re searching for the advantages of THCA or THC.)

Add all dried blossoms to a tea maker and steep in steaming hot water for 5-10 minutes.

Appreciate with extra marijuana imbued honey and coconut milk for added impacts.

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Some final thoughts!

Perhaps one of the greatest inquiries individuals make when they initially begin cooking with Cannabis is if they need to decarboxylate their blossom first. The response is that either will work, yet the cycle is more successful, assuming you truly do decarboxylate your Cannabis first. The flowers contain THCA, which higher temperatures should actuate to become THC. You have to understand the best way to utilize Cannabis and the best method of adding it to your homemade recipes.