Storage basics: How long do cannabis seeds last 

There are a lot of discussions encompassing how long do seeds of a cannabis tree can last before they turn sour. Certain individuals say that they can keep going for a really long time, assuming they are kept in the right circumstances, while others differ and express that they must be utilized somewhere around a half year to 1 year. 

Sometimes the last option you would think of might be valid, that they are powerless hereditary qualities or the seeds have been kept in unfriendly circumstances, making them go bad. How long the seeds will keep going relies absolutely upon the circumstances they are put in. In the event that the seeds are damp or kept in a place where light is bright, they won’t sprout as they are exposed and harmed. It is additionally vital to add that the seeds should be safeguarded from being squashed.

How Long Can Seeds Last With Great Care?

How long your seeds will last can change. Assuming incredible consideration is taken for the seeds to be shielded from varying temperature and light and is also given a cool climate, the growth enzymes of the seed will stay lethargic, making the seed last longer. You can store them at viable temperatures and conditions until you want to revive them and start cultivation. When you want to see the germination of the seeds, you need to bring them back to normal temperature. You can try keeping them damp or humid for some time. This will wait to see it up, and the process that was slowed down to start speeding up, you will see germination taking place, and once it starts to germinate, you can show them in fertile soil with all the necessary nourishment. 

In this way, how long cannabis seeds will keep going relies upon the consideration you take to store your seeds in the right manner. Assuming that you are exceptionally cautious, Cannabis seeds will last for an exceptionally long time that beginners might not exactly know. Given the right conditions, you can expect the seed to last even five years. You could load up the stocks of your desired strains to have your own assortment and simultaneously work on the best methods to look after proper storage conditions.

How long can the seeds last without any proper storage technique?

Cannabis Seeds

Some people might also prefer instantly using the seeds once they get them from the plant. Many cultivators try to use the seeds as soon as they are available. But if you make a delay of three to four days or a week without proper storage conditions, you will see your seeds going bad. If the conditions are not proper, then even a seed that had good potential would be seen not performing and going dead. Hence, it is important that when you are ready to use the seeds, as soon as you are ready with the space and conditions like a week or a month, even then, you need to store the seeds properly.

When working from the start, you’ll initially have to fertilize the blossoms of the feminized plant and afterward go on to gather the seeds when you see its development is complete. If you want to store your seeds or even to start the process of germination quite soon, you need to dry the seeds up for the next step – When they start to turn earthy brown in color and have dip tones of stripes on them, you would know that they are ready to be gathered and picked for storage. A great many people pick to dry their seeds by basically drying the blossoms and gathering the seeds whenever they’ve dried out – it makes them a lot simpler to eliminate from the blossoms.

Proper storage plays a vital role.

Storage has a big role to play in the seed’s health. If you want to keep your seed healthy enough to use in the future, you have to ensure that the storage method is correct. Many factors can adversely affect your seed’s health and its longevity. When the temperature and humidity are not adequate, your seed is more prone to pathogen attack and mold development, which leads to the seat getting damaged. When you buy the seed, they might be a little expensive, but you are making an even more expensive mistake when you leave them to go bad. This way, you are sabotaging the possibility of growing a healthy tree that could have saved you even more money. 

Longevity of seeds

After going to the whole article, you would agree that the longevity of seeds depends more on you than the seed itself. Proper storage conditions need to be provided if you want to keep your seeds healthy for a long period of time. Like any other plant seed, Cannabis cultivation from seeds also needs to be well thought out, and you need to use various strategies to get the best results. What works for you might not seem good for someone else.

However, with regards to putting away seeds, you should watch out. It is vital to provide adequate conditions( like keeping away from light, no fluctuations in temperatures, or keeping the humidity in check) keeps them from getting harmed and losing their capacity to sprout.

You need to keep a table where you can check the requirements depending on how long you intend to leave them, like the nature of the seeds and the extra rooms you have access to before choosing how to store them. Best of luck!

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