Dual Coil Vaporizer Cartridges V.S. Single Coil : The Difference In Vaporizer Cartridges

There is a lot of hype around the newly designed disposable vaporizer cartridges for oils and THC tinctures. These new refillable oil cartridges come in many different sizes with the most popular being the 1 ML Vaporizer Cartridge and the .5 ML Vaporizer cartridge. With the sizes, the choice really boils down to how much e-liquid you are wanting to put in each cartridge. The industry standard is the 1 ML disposable CE3 vaporizer cartridge while the little .5 ML refillable CE3 vaporizer cartridge is a close second and is gaining popularity thru out medical marijuana dispensaries worldwide. By choosing the smaller sizing, most people are able to provide a greater diversity of e-liquids to their patients/customers at a more reasonable cost, with .5 ML thc oil cartridges costing around $45 and the full 1ML A3 Vaporizer Cartridges around $70. The great thing about purchasing your own refillable, disposable vaporizer cartridges is that you have full control over what you’re vaping and how much you vape. By making your own oil cartridges you not only save time and energy from not having to take a trip to the local dispensary every couple of days, but yo save tons of money by being able to create and make your own medicine right at home.

Besides the sizing differences in the vaporizer cartridges there is a lot of other factors to consider when purchasing the right cartridge for your vaping and e-liquid needs. You need to ask yourself numerous questions before making the right decision. The main question to ask is; what will you be vaping? If you are vaping a e-liquid that has a consistency similar to a olive oil consistency, then we would recommend that you check out the single cotton coil vaporizer cartridges. These cartridges come in 1ML Cotton Coil Vaporizer Cartridges and .5 ML Cotton Coil Vaporizer Cartridges.  We suggest the single coil cartridges for this type of liquid because the single wick should be more than enough to soak up the material and give a nice, smooth heavy vapor from your e-liquid. If your e-liquid oil is more similar to the consistency of maple syrup, then the new Ceramic Cell Vape Cartridge is the refillable option that best suits your needs. This dual coil cartridge is literally amazing and something like we have never seen before. The dual coil vaporizer cartridge not only boasts 2 high powered coils designed to create massive amounts of vapor clouds, but also has a very high quality all pyrex glass  and metal design where the actual cartridge is pyrex glass and the mouth piece and rod connecting the coils are all stainless steel. This cartridge is absolutely for the high rollers in the smoke and vape community. Getting these cartridges will 100% put you ahead of the game. Most medicinal dispensaries offer a similar type cartridge that is single coil. By getting the dual coil cartridge you will be blowing your competition away, literally. All of our cartridges at Miami Rave come with the plastic tube and  FREE USPS FAST SHIPPING .

CBD Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

Cannabis Oil Vaporizer Cartridge

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