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Police in Opa Locka, Florida, busted into a grow house Friday. Authorities were led on to the situation by a tip about a grow house at 1877 Opa- Locka Blvd.

Officers on the scene surveyed the warehouse and discovered there were more than 100 marijuana plants approximately worth  $250,000.

The person possibly in charge of this elaborate and complicated hydroponics lab was taken into custody immediately.

Unfortunately, Florida has not progressed enough to allow smart people like the one the police took into custody to flourish.

Experts are predicting that the Sunshine State’s medical marijuana industry could rival Colorado and even California. Researchers from Arcview Market Research predict that Florida’s marker will grow to $1.6 billion by 2020.

Cannabis may be legal medicinally here in the sunshine state of Florida, but cultivation and recreational use is still far into the future. Under the current cannabis laws of Florida the man taken into custody will indeed serve a lot of jail time. It’s not more of an injustice to throw away such obvious talent and skill for growing than it is to stay safe and know the state, local and federal laws.



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