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    $2,125.00$5,525.00 every 2 weeks

    Our expert crafted and extracted full spectrum CBD oils contain the highest amount of pure CBD in the industry. Packed with all natural terpenes and flavors, you have the option between 250mL(grams) (Quarter Kilogram) 500mL(grams) (Half Kilogram) and 1,000mL(grams) (Kilogram) of full spectrum CBD Oil Distillate.  Our amazing terpene blends offer a delicious combination of pungently sweet and refreshing tropical flavors, with notes of tangy citrus and a sweet candy-like note . You also have he option of us infusing your distillate with any terpenes of your choice. Our oil is fully winterized, fully purged and refined distillate made from hemp. All of our distillate is run through molecular distillation to ensure that we produce the cleanest and clearest end products available. We manufacture actual real FULL SPECTRUM distillate, meaning it also contains CBG, CBGN CBN, CBDV, etc. All of our lab certifications are available below. This is the crème de la crème when it comes to CBD oil.

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