The Lifter Strain CBD Hemp Flower

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Strain: Sativa

Fragrance: Pine, earthy with hints of diesel

Effects: Hits the spirit with a heavy energizing effect that is paired with an uplifting, talkative space.

The Lifter Strain is a sativa hybrid cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud. This strain’s buds tend to have a very funky cheese aroma with a hint of jet fuel on the exhale. Lifter is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs who look to stay energized and alert thru out the day.

Lifter is a High CBD strain of hemp that has only small traces of THC, making it below the federal threshold of .3% THC. This 100% Organic Raw Vegan Hemp Flower is 50 state legal making it safe to consume anywhere. Whether you’re burning it as an incense, brewing it in a tea, or using it as a ground spice, you’re guaranteed to feel the powerful calming and relaxing effects of our Lifter Strain.

Lifter is one of our best strains. This high CBD strain has a very unique taste and smell profile. These CBD buds have a nice crumble and the aroma easily fills the room. Lifter is amazing companion for daily medicinal cannabis consumers seeking to relieve tension, pain, or anxiety. The name to the strain really holds its own. Need a lift? Try our Lifter smokable CBD Hemp strain.

Lifter CBD Premium Hemp Flower
The Lifter Strain CBD Hemp Flower