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  • Budget Delta 8 THC Flower From:
    $127.50$510.00 every 2 weeks

    Fragrance: Citrus, Earthy, Herbal

    Effects: Uplifting, Calming

    The budget delta 8 THC bud is finally here and is quickly becoming a superstar pack in our community. Well known for its resinous oil glands that tend to make our Delta 8 THC flower shine like a diamond in natural sunlight, our low cost Delta 8 flower is in a category of its own. These buds have a pungent diesel-like aroma that lets you know, automatically, that this pack is definitely a game changer.  This budget Delta 8 flower is spot on with taste and potency, all for a cheap and reduced price. This smokable Delta 8 THC hemp flower is a mix of the same exact bud that you would get elsewhere on our site. Some people would call these buds “smalls” or “b grade” when it comes to their size and overall bud structure. A great deal for those who use a lot and are looking for a deep discount on great quality flower.

  • The Lifter Strain CBD Hemp Flower From:
    $148.75$242.25 every 2 weeks

    Strain: Sativa

    Fragrance: Pine, earthy with hints of diesel

    Effects: Hits the spirit with a heavy energizing effect that is paired with an uplifting, talkative space.

    The Lifter Strain is a sativa hybrid cross between Suver Haze and Early Resin Bud. This strain’s buds tend to have a very funky cheese aroma with a hint of jet fuel on the exhale. Lifter is a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs who look to stay energized and alert thru out the day.

    Lifter is a High CBD strain of hemp that has only small traces of THC, making it below the federal threshold of .3% THC. This 100% Organic Raw Vegan Hemp Flower is 50 state legal making it safe to consume anywhere. Whether you’re burning it as an incense, brewing it in a tea, or using it as a ground spice, you’re guaranteed to feel the powerful calming and relaxing effects of our Lifter Strain.

    Lifter is one of our best strains. This high CBD strain has a very unique taste and smell profile. These CBD buds have a nice crumble and the aroma easily fills the room. Lifter is amazing companion for daily medicinal cannabis consumers seeking to relieve tension, pain, or anxiety. The name to the strain really holds its own. Need a lift? Try our Lifter smokable CBD Hemp strain.

    100 in stock

  • Special Sauce CBD Hemp Flower From:
    $148.75$242.25 every 2 weeks

    Strain: Hybrid

    Fragrance: Herbal, citrus, Pepper, earthy

    Effects: Soothing, uplifting, energetic

    The Special Sauce strain is a sativa-dominant that offers complex flavors and an amazing vibe. Special Sauce is a hybrid cross every hemp enthusiast has to try.

    The Special Sauce’s flowers can be somewhat visually underwhelming. The buds are super dense and have a white diamond – like coating on them. These flowers have an indica-typical structure, with their small leaves curled tightly inward toward their central stems. The leaves themselves are a bring green and are densely packed thru out the entire bud.  The Special Sauce Strain burst with the rich, earthy scent of cocoa.

    The Special Sauce Strain is a CBD dominant cross with Early Resin Berry. Special Sauce is known for its outstanding berry smells, pink floral stigmas, and extremely large resin glands.  CBD and Cannabis connoisseurs choose Special Sauce to maintain a uplifting, happy mood while simultaneously feeling relaxed and one with the world. Special Sauce’s buds tend to be dense with a sweet and hoppy aroma that exudes an and earthy-like berry flavor.


    100 in stock

  • The Sour Space Candy Strain CBD Hemp Flower From:
    $148.75$242.25 every 2 weeks

    Strain: Hybrid

    Fragrance: Diesel, whiffs of citrus and funky cheese mix throughout. Pine.

    Effects: Hits the spirit with a heavy soothing that is countered with an uplifting, talkative space.

    Sour Space Candy is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain of hemp that’s grown  primarily for its high CBD content. Possessing less than .03% THC, this strain is great for medical marijuana patents. Sour Space Candy is a cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry, designed specifically to enhance the sour profile of the Early Resin Berry with Sour Tsunami’s incredibly high CBD count. This strain is perfect for those who are looking for something that can be considered for “daytime use”.

    The Sour Space Candy strain’s buds are incredibly dense and resin filled. These deeply colored buds have hues of forest green and violet purple for a near-chocolate covered mint color that gives them quite the bag appeal for CBD flowers. The resin filled trichomes shine in the light like a diamond.

    This flower produce a fragrant aroma that smells like a freshly cut lawn mixed with sour lemons and a bit of jet fuel. The flavor profile of the Sour Space Candy Strain is also sweet and diesel-like.

  • 5 Count Sample Pack THC Vape Oil Cartridges From:
    $297.50$357.00 every 2 weeks


    The Purple Urkle THC strain is a select phenotype of Purp. This strain’s essence is a blend of diesel, skunk, berries, and fresh grapes. Cannabis connoisseurs love this strain. Enjoy the intense relaxing couch lock experience that Purple Urkle has to offer.


    Durban Poison is a  pure sativa THC strain that originates from Durban, South Africa. This strain is known worldwide for its deliciously sweet smell and very energetic, lively and uplifting effects. Durban Poison is the perfect strain to help you stay alert and productive through a busy day, fueling endurance, alertness and creativity. True cannabis enthusiasts enjoy the huge resin filled glands that tend to sparkle in the light and make this strain an excellent choice for thc oil extraction. The buds on Durban Poison are very robust, and leave a thick coating of trichomes on every part of the plant.


    Gorilla Glue is a very potent hybrid THC strain that delivers intense euphoria and relaxation, often referred to as leaving you feeling “glued” to your seat. GG#4’s resin-drenched nugs fill any room with a pungent earthy and sour like aroma. The Gorilla Glue Strain has taken home many first place Cannabis Cup titles as well as won many Cannabis Of The Year awards worldwide. This hybrid’s superior taste and effects are no longer a secret. Experience Gorilla Glue’s intense high and couch lock effects for you self.


    Strawberry Cough is well known for its sweet smell of fresh picked strawberries coupled with an expanding sensation of  euphoria and tranquility that can make even the most seasoned cannabis enthusiast cough. The Strawberry Cough strain is a very potent THC strain that boasts skunky, berry-like flavors that will capture your senses. The heavy cerebral and uplifting effects of this strain will provide an aura of euphoria that is guaranteed to leave a smile on your face. Strawberry Cough is the perfect remedy to relieve stress and induce relaxation.


    The Super Lemon Haze strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk.  This THC dominant strain has won multiple Cannabis Cups around the world. Packed with kief, while exhibiting a super resinous diamond like appearance, Super Lemon Haze is definitely a favorite among most cannabis connoisseurs. SLH’s most prominent characteristics are all about having a very lemony aura. This strain is commonly considered zesty, citrusy, and sweet. The effects are uniquely uplifting, energetic and lively. Super Silver Haze is an excellent strain for daytime use.

    25 in stock

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