Learn How To Make Hemp Milk

Lifestyle changes have given rise to many unwanted health issues in people. They are getting affected both physically and mentally. Obesity is another common health issue people are facing today. Obese people are prone to many other health issues due to poor nutrition balance. Their metabolism becomes weak and results in many related health problems.

Getting your natural physique back from obesity is very difficult. People tend to choose various weight loss methods which might give instant results but can cause permanent damage to the system of their body. The idea of getting a lean body has become so prevalent that people are ready to go to extremes where they can’t understand the difference between what is good or bad for their health. Following crash diets, cutting out carbs, and extreme exercising to get the desired weight in less time harms the body more than benefits.

Understanding that gradual and regular efforts in bringing back the body nutrition balance is essential. There are small minute changes that you can incorporate into your daily routine to get positive results. Regular exercising, adequate nutrition intake, regular CBD intake, proper fluid intake are some of the important yet accurate methods to be followed for getting your health back.

CBD for weight loss

Cannabidiol or CBD is a widely popular compound derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, CBD does not have psychoactive effects; hence it does not cause a high. It has all the benefits of healing without affecting your mind. Many products have CBD as a base that can be used for health benefits. A similar product is hemp milk which gives you the benefits of milk without the calories.

Hemp milk for weight loss

As you saw, CBD is beneficial for weight loss. You can also use CBD plant-based milk if you know how to make hemp milk. Hemp milk is a product that is high in CBD and has almost no THC content in it. If you are allergic to dairy or avoid animal products, this is an excellent plant-based alternative. To get a healthy weight loss, you need to maintain a balance of nutrient intake, and milk is a significant source of nutrition. But when you want to lose weight and balance nutrients simultaneously, it is necessary to keep a calorie count as well. When you are consuming any dairy product, and the calorie content is a bit high, in this case, limiting calorie intake is difficult. Hemp milk is a plant-based product; hence it can give you all the dairy benefits minus the calories. 

Hemp Milk

How to make hemp milk at home?

Yes, you have heard it right; you can always buy hemp milk from a branded store but making it at home is also possible. If you are worried about how to make hemp milk at home, then relax; you don’t need to worry. Homemade hemp milk requires only 5 minutes. 

Here are the main ingredients-

· 1/2 cup hulled hemp seeds

· 1 pinch sea salt

· 3-4 cups water 

And here are certain ingredients that are optional and can be added to make the milk more flavorful.

· 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract 

· 1 whole date, pitted

· 1/4 cup fresh berries (if you want to make berry milk)

· 2 Tbsp. cocoa (if you want to make chocolate milk)


  1.  Mix seeds with sea salt and add water to the mix.
  2.  You can also add one of the ingredients from the optional ingredient list to get the flavor you would like to have in your milk.
  3.  Once you add the required ingredients, you can pour them into a blender.
  4.  Keep blending the mixture thoroughly for almost one minute. You can extend the blending time to ensure proper mixing and grinding of the ingredients.
  5. You can put the blended mixture into the serving container and consume it as it is, or if you want, you can use a strainer or a piece of thin clean cloth to strain out the residues. Although proper blending doesn’t leave much residue.
  6. You can refrigerate this mixture and drink it as and when you like.
  7.  You can store this milk in your refrigerator, and it will remain good for almost five days. Try to finish it off within three days, and you can make a fresh batch whenever you want. 

Nutritional benefits of hemp milk

Hemp milk is a popular animal milk alternative. Hemp seeds are rich in healthy fats, high-quality plant protein, and minerals. When you are on any fat loss program, the healthy way to do it is to ensure proper intake of nutrition, especially proteins. Proteins are very helpful in muscle building. Taking a protein-rich diet ensures that you don’t overeat your food. It gives you the feeling of being full while cutting off the calorie content.

Calorie intake is a critical aspect to be kept in mind when under a weight loss regime. Most dairy products that are animal-based have a good calorie content along with good protein content. To cut off the calorie content from protein, you need to shift to plant-based milk, and hemp milk is very beneficial in this area. 


We know that exercise is important, but a person’s healthy eating habits are also essential. Cutting back on sugars and starches is also very important. Balanced nutrient intake is also necessary for getting your healthy, naturally lean body back. Dietary protein is an essential part of a diet that is intended for weight loss. Protein is an important macronutrient that is involved in nearly all bodily functions and processes. Hemp milk is an excellent option for those avoiding dairy and those looking for weight loss. It has fewer calories, carbohydrates and protein. So maintaining a good balance between nutrients will be easier with hemp milk. If you know how to make hemp milk at home, it is good, but if not, then you can always buy it from a branded shop. It is good to add it in your diet for efficient weight loss.

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