CBD 101

CBD Coconut Oil: Here’s everything you need to know

CBD oil is a substance made from cannabis, but it has specific properties that make it different from medical marijuana. CBD produces a sensation which people would describe as calming and serene. There are a variety of medicines that contain this chemical compound with a variety of uses. One of those you may not have heard of before is CBD coconut oil. If you’d like to know more about what this substance can do for your health, read on below!

What is CBD coconut oil? 

CBD coconut oil is the mixture of coconut oil with cannabidiol (CBD). Just like normal coconut oil, you will get the CBD coconut oil in solid form below room temperature.

The Cannabiol used in CBD coconut oil is derived from hemp plants as it has several nutritional values. It can be in various forms like MCT oil. 

The benefits of CBD coconut oil: 

There are some special benefits that you will only get by using CBD coconut oil. Using CBD coconut oil can be extremely beneficial for your skin. Let’s look into these benefits in detail. 

1. Give a radiance boost to mature skin: 

CBD coconut oil has a powerful antioxidant property. The antioxidant property helps prevent or lessen the visible signs of aging. 

CBD coconut oil can prevent fine lines, reduce skin dullness, wrinkles, maintain skin elasticity and even out skin tone. It helps in counteracting damage from environment pollution, UV rays and smoke. 

2. It calms your skin: 

The skin calming effect of CBD coconut oil helps in reducing uses related to skin sensitivity which includes redness. CBD’s soothing mechanism helps in the natural healing process. You don’t need sensitive skin to use CBD coconut oil.  

3. It may relieve your pain

For those looking to treat a specific area of the skin, like immediate pain relief, oral ingestion may be much slower and less effective than topical application.

The use of CBD coconut oil topically allows it to sink deep into your skin and stimulate cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. This is a great way for faster relief, especially when you have mild muscle or joint pains – but there’s also been some recent developments in sports physiotherapy that are worth mentioning! 

Post-game therapies have become increasingly common after professional games as an outsource from doctors because they’re able heal minor injuries without surgery by using only natural methods such as massage with high concentrations (and thus potency)of cannabidiol on certain areas where inflammation may exist during recovery periods following intense physical activity followed immediately afterwards; this helps speed up healing time while minimizing discomfort felt by athletes post compete.

4. It encourages skin repair

With Cannabidiol, or CBD for short, there are many essential nutrients that help enhance skin health. It contains vitamins A and D which promote repair on the surface of your body by supporting cell growth while inhibiting oil production to keep you feeling soft and supple all day long! 

The antioxidant properties in this natural remedy protect our collagen molecules from UV rays so they can remain strong against any external aggressors – meaning no more wrinkles at an early age thanks to good genes?!

B Vitamin Complex is a powerful skin, hair and nail conditioner. It contains B complex vitamins which facilitate the construction process for your body’s natural moisturizer to prevent dermatitis as well other conditions such as alopecia or dry brittle nails!

5. It calms skin condition: 

Cannabis has been used for a variety of conditions but it’s potential to treat skin conditions is particularly intriguing. CBD helps control how cells form our bodies, indicating it can be an anti-inflammatory agent helping calm irritated or acne prone skins and reduce redness from breakouts caused by excessive sebum production. 

This discovery opens up new possibilities as researchers explore ways cannabinoids could help fight diseases such as eczema and psoriasis through medication rather than surgery. 

How to use CBD Coconut Oil: 

  • Heals new tattoos 
  • Moisturize your skin 
  • Ease your inflation and pain
  • soothe sore muscles 
  • Make DIY toothpaste 

How to DIY CBD Coconut Oil: 

You can make CBD coconut oil in 2 ways. 

Method 1: 

To activate cannabinoids you need to decarboxylate i.e heat the ground CBD flower in an oven. The next step would be to infuse coconut oil with decarbed flowers in a crockpot. Your CBD infused coconut oil is ready!

Method 2: 

You need to mix 20 milliliters of coconut oil with 500 milligram of CBD powder in a tincture bottle. Stir it well to combine and you will get 25 milligram of CBD per milliliter of oil. 


CBD coconut oil can be made at home easily at a fraction of cost, but you will have to understand the benefits of CBD & how it works.  Although it has many significant health benefits, nothing beats good old home remedies.