How Athletes Can Stand to Benefit from CBD in their Lives

Athletes are people who dedicate their lives toward training in a sport, typically physical. While your mind might think of runners, cyclists, swimmers and other more mainstream sports, many of us also double as athletes in our daily lives.

If you work out on a regular, if you practice a sport, or engage in physical training and exercise, whether it’s as a hobby, a passion, or even a profession, you technically do count as an athlete. Not in the traditional sense of the word—you might not be the next Serena Williams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t focus on your physical wellness.

In recent years we’ve seen more professional and amateur athletes rely on the use of CBD to improve their performance, recovery, manage stress and focus because of its many benefits. If you’re on the fence about adding CBD to your training and fitness regimen, consider the following advantages:

Manage your stress and anxiety

There’s no denying that athletes undergoing training, especially for a competition or aspiring toward a particular goal, undergo immense amounts of physical and mental pain. The anguish that comes with consistent stress and anxiety, elevated cortisol, as well as physical stress can lead to injuries, burnout and adrenal fatigue.

CBD can help alleviate much of this through consistent use, helping you manage your emotional and mental health alongside your physical wellbeing. Push through the toughest training without straining and fizzling out.

woman jumping over obstacle

Improve recovery time

Since your mental and physical health will be better managed, inflammation reduced, soreness cut down, you’ll be able to get back up sooner. Both after training and injury, CBD goes a long way in fighting inflammation in the body, giving you a shorter but more effective rest and recovery period.

Get back stronger than before!

Safer pain management and alleviation

Opioid addiction is no joke. This epidemic plagues millions of people across the U.S., leading to over a hundred deaths each day from an overdose. Painkillers and NSAIDs that we commonly rely on can prove highly addictive, while being ineffective in the long-run.

Athletes managing chronic pain, injuries and trying to recover stuffer immensely and are at risk of developing the addiction. However, CBD has been an incredibly effective choice, giving them a non-psychoactive, non-addictive alternative that helps manage pain through topical and oral use.

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Better, more restful sleep

CBD also promotes better sleep, helps combat fatigue and insomnia, promotes muscle relaxation and is completely safe to take. It helps you recover and rest more soundly, without putting you at risk of substance abuse. It was taken off the list of prohibited substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2018, which means you can safely use it without compromising your professional integrity.

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