Why Ceramic Carts Are Slowly Becoming The Norm

The vapor industry has seen some pretty amazing developments in the past couple of years and 2018 looks like its going to be another iconic year. With different companies popping up literally overnight to join the frenzy, the hobby is definitely poised to see major growth and increase in revenue production thru out years to come. There is no telling what the next newest and hottest gadget some geeked out vapers will come up with next, but I’m sure all of us enthusiast will be right there in line when they release it.

One of the major players in the vapor industry is undoubtedly the emerging cbd and cannabis markets. While there has always been toys that enthusiast can play with in the vape world of things, it hasn’t been til now, during the marijuana green rush, where you can get things like portable E-nails, refillable concentrate cartridges, machines that run both dry herb and concentrates and tons of other gadgets that I’m sure will blow our minds.

The exposure of the vapor industry to more science and funding is a great thing. Not only does it give merit to vaping as a “healthier” alternative to smoking, but it gives all of us the opportunity to experience new products from new companies that no one has ever heard of. One noticeable development is the new ceramic coil vaporizer cartridges. These new ceramic core cartridges are designed to vape the living hell out of your e-liquids and concentrates. Coming in super convenient sizes like 1ML or .5ML capacities makes it easy to put the super streamlined cartridge in your pocket and keep on the go. One of the awesome features about most of these cartridges is that they are both refillable and disposable, giving the user a lot of flexibility and possibilities with each cartridge. These cartridges are so fire that most dispensaries and major companies in the cbd and cannabis industry are moving to this cartridge, and its simple. These cartridges are the most reliable and versatile made to date. Because these use a ceramic coil, the e-liquid is immediately touching the heating element instead of being absorbed by a cotton wick then touching the element , thus creating a way larger, thicker vapor cloud, and allowing the user to vape very thick, or honey like consistency e-liquids and concentrates with ease.

While most emerging companies decide to start at a more economical level with a basic single coil cartridge, upgrading is way worth it. Its like eating chicken or steak. You could live off both, but which one do you prefer? The switch to ceramics is the new trend and eventually every respectable company in the cbd and cannabis industries will use ceramic coil cartridges because of their extreme reliability and costs effectiveness at the end of the day. It gives us the opportunity to stay medicated and be free.

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