Smoking CBD Flower- How Many Grams Of CBD Flower Can You Smoke

CBD is a godsend herbal drug to solve your mild fatigue and pain to severe symptoms of depression, skin diseases, sleeping disorders, and whatnot. It can be found almost everywhere now -thanks to its massive popularity.

People love the drug for its various healing properties. Whether you are a student trying to enhance your focus or an insomniac looking to get proper sleep, CBD can prove to be your lifesaver for sure.

The best part about CBD is that it can be used in several forms. Be it the convenience of CBD oil or the brilliance of smoking CBD flower; you are sure to get instant relief from your ailing symptoms.

Many people prefer smoking the hemp flower because of its super-fast action and the heady feeling it gives.

Here in this article, we will be discussing the appropriate dosages for smoking CBD flowers.

Let’s dig in!

Why Smoke CBD Flower

The physical form in which you consume CBD can easily affect the time for the drug to kick in.

Inhalation of smoke or vapors of CBD flower not only produces results faster but also retains in the blood for a more extended period.

When you smoke or vape CBD, the fumes of the drug directly pass to the lungs. The cannabinoids are then easily absorbed into the circulatory system.

From here, they can quickly move to the brain for effective action on the receptors. It takes only 3 minutes for the drug to reach the maximum concentration in the blood plasma.

Moreover, according to a study, CBD can be found even after 72 hours in blood after smoking -while it only remains in the blood for 6 hours after oral ingestion.

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How To Smoke CBD Flower

Smoking CBD flowers is not a difficult task at all. There are only two methods to choose from, and both are quite simple.

You can either smoke it through traditional cigarettes or use dry herb vaporizer for vaping.

  • Using cigarettes for smoking CBD flowers might not be the best way to indulge; however, it sure is convenient. You can easily roll cigarettes with CBD flower and light it up for a good smoke.
  • For vaping, there are distinctive vape devices that consist of a battery, coil, and cartridge. The pieces of the raw flower are used -that is heated by the coil to produce vapors. The vapors can then be easily smoked through the vape pen, just like cigarettes.

Suitable Dosing For Smoking Hemp

If you are wondering about the exact dosage of CBD flowers to smoke, you will be disappointed. That’s because there is not just one correct dosage.

The right dosing depends on various factors that might include the physical conditions of the users or the quality and strain of the drug.

The user’s health condition, weight, tolerance level, age, and severity of symptoms -these all factors influence the quantity of CBD flower you will need to produce the desired effects.

A Few Factors To Consider

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before deciding on the actual dosage of CBD flower you require for smoking.

CBD Strains

CBD is cannabis. Howbeit, despite being of the same family, it is ways apart from weed or marijuana. The difference is due to the unequal proportions of mainly two chemicals, namely, CBD and THC.

The hemp flower has a lesser THC and more CBD ratio than marijuana. It makes the use of CBD much safer and relatively less psychoactive.

However, different strains of CBD flower has different proportions of cannabidiol levels.

It can easily influence the effectiveness of CBD -especially when you don’t know which type of strain is best for your particular symptoms. Though, the laboratory report on the packing of CBD flowers might help you in this regard.


Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD drug that is easily absorbable in the bloodstream.

Each method of usage has different bioavailability. Howbeit, vaping has the highest.

Furthermore, you can use less product with smoking than any other form of consumption.

Body Weight

BMI, specifically, body weight, has the most significant influence on the amount of CBD flower you would require.

It is a directly proportional relationship -that means; the more massive you might be, the more drug you would need. There are three categories of weight ranges:

  • Low: less than 150 lbs
  • Medium: 150 to 230 lbs
  • Heavy: more than 230 lbs

For low weight range, you can start from 15-30mg as a lower dose and go as high as 90mg for the highest dose possible.

For a medium weight range, go from 23-46mg as a beginner and as much as 115-136mg of CBD as the highest dose.

If you come under the heavy range, you should begin from 24-48mg of CBD. After that, you can steadily increase the dosage if the effects are not satisfactory. However, a higher dose can only reach up to 120-162mgs.

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Several symptoms can prompt you to use CBD. Each sign and symptom has its own CBD dosage that makes it necessary to know the difference.

Following are the daily doses for various symptoms and diseases:

  • Normal health condition: 1-2.5 mg
  • Chronic pain: 2.5-20 mg
  • Anxiety: 15-25 mg
  • Sleep disorder: 40-160 mg
  • Epilepsy: 200-300 mg


After a prolonged period of CBD consumption, users can develop a certain tolerance level for some specific doses. For this reason, it is recommended to start with the lowest possible dosages.

Nonetheless, if you develop tolerance, you can always increase the amount of drug you consume.


To choose the most suitable dosage for smoking CBD flower is not much easy. You have to consider some essential factors before making a decision.

Moreover, it’s not at all easy to get the doses right with vaping the raw CBD flower.

Hence, it makes cigarettes a better choice. You can find a suitable brand of cigarettes with already labeled dosages.

For example: If you come in the low weight range (less than 150 lbs), start with cigarettes containing less than 30 mg of CBD flower, and you will be good to go.

It is best to make sure that you are fitting in the right weight category and have the suitable dosage according to your symptoms.

Look for a CBD strain that covers all your health issues and enjoy the maximum effects of this miraculous herbal drug.

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