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  • 100 Pack Stoney Patch Sour Gummy Bears : 1,000 MG From:
    $1,700.00$1,785.00 every 2 weeks

    Our amazing Stoney Patch edibles are now available at a great price. Take advantage of this deal while you can. This is the perfect package for a small start up or side hustle into CBD and Delta 8 THC. Enjoy outstanding margins by saving over 50% off of retail. Pair this wholesale package with other packages in our wholesale CBD and Delta 8 THC sections to save even more!

    • This package contains 100 sealed bags of Original STONEY PATCH SOUR GUMMIES Candy.
    • You have a choice between Delta 8 THC, CBD, or both.
    • Each package consists of 1,000 MG Of the hemp oil of your choice.
  • 100 Pack Dank Ropes : 1,000 MG From:
    $1,700.00$1,785.00 every 2 weeks

    Mary Jane’s Bakery Co.’s Dank Ropes are a soft, chewy, and crunchy candy that is packed with your choice of Delta 8 THC Oil or CBD Oil. Surrounded by fruity, gummy centers, Dank Ropes makes a fantastic snack for lunch or work. Each resealable vacuum sealed package comes with a roll of Dank Ropes that has 1,000 MG of the hemp oil of your choice. When done eating the candy,  simply reseal the pouch to keep the candies fresh. Dank Ropes candies have crunchy, tangy candy clusters on the outside and a sweet gummy inside that makes for the perfect hemp-filled delight.

    • YOUR CHOICE OF CANNABINOIDS: Choose to have your Dank Ropes infused with Delta 8 THC Oil or CBD Oil
    • POTENCY YOU CAN TRUST : Each container comes infused with 1,000 MG of the Hemp Oil of your choice
    • Dank Ropes are a new combination of flavors and textures—tangy, crunchy, sweet, gummy—and the poppable, bite-sized edible.
    • Each poppable piece has a crunchy, tangy, Dank Rope clustered around a sweet gummy center for a fun-to-eat, dual-texture treat.
    • This shareable edible is perfect for on-the-go snacking in a resealable bag.
    • Taste the crunchy, gummy, yummy creation from Mary Jane’s Bakery Co.
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