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Keeping Up With Kendall; Miami History Ft. The Mother & Father of Miami

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For many locals on the outside looking in, Kendall seems like a suburban entity separate from the roots of Dade-County. Across the pond from all that is seen, Kendall lies in the South-West section of South Florida beyond the beaches & downtown living. While Kendall is a relatively young part of the city, the history behind the development goes back to the early years of The 3-0-5. Florida gained its statehood in 1845. At this time Miami-Dade County ran from the Hillsboro Inlet at the northern edge of present-day Broward County to Indian Key, 5 miles south of Islamorada. By…

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Medicinal Marijuana and Vaping

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Journal Anesthesiology in 2008 published a study that concluded ingesting medicinal marijuana is not as effective as smoking it. This study was attributed to relieving the symptoms of muscle pain in the humans participating in the study. Dr. Birgit Kraft at the Medical University of Vienna suggested in another study, actually suggests that ingesting marijuana can actually cause more sensitivity to chronic muscle pain. Medical Marijuana advocates have used baked goods (HA!) as a means of dispelling any anit-smokers of any kind. The illnesses that experience the greatest sense of relief from medical marijuana are cancer patients, multiple sclerosis and…

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Winning In Wynwood

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As the Arts continue to thrive in South Florida, businesses continue to win in Wynwood. A freckle on the map of Miami that is generating as much traffic as we see on our highways. The blind side gentrification and development that came with the boom of the hipster bloom birthed a new area in our city. As a result the Wynwood neighborhood has been getting a lot of attention in the eyes of locals as well as the world. The craziest part of it all is that just a decade ago, it was off the grid in the minds of…

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Five Myths About Vaping

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So here we are in November of 2017 and we are about 56 days away from 2018 and we still have some mind-boggling and weird myths around vaping we want to straighten out. Vaping first made it's face in 1963 after Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. This substitute for tobacco resembled the modern e-cigarette. It included heating elements that warmed the flavor cartridges that gave you smokeless, flavored air. So in the mishaps of the tobacco industry lobbying millions of dollars in silly advertisements, let's go over some of these things together, so we…

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Going For GREEN In The Sunshine State

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 Floridians got a 2nd chance to vote for Medical Marijuana during 2016’s midterm elections after the state previously denied a 57.6% (3,363,522 voters)  approval in 2014. This has now set the platform for the next handful of years as the Sunshine State gets the GREEN light to move forward on its "Cannabistic" endeavors. Although legislation had a slow start in 2017, the development thus far has been able to generate enough of a buzz to give customers a decent little head high for what’s in store. Just last month State Health Officials granted its latest Medical Marijuana license to a…

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What Is A Rosin Press?

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Just two years ago, the Rosin Press was introduced to the market for Cannabis Concentrate products like Hash Oil and Shatter Wax. The reason the Rosin Press has substantially gained traction within the Medical Marijuana movement is because of the process itself. The wax that has predated the use of a Rosin Press was obtained by using a solvent, like Butane. Obviously, most of the medical marijuana consumers don't want to be putting any additional substances in their body that could be harmful. The really simple description for how Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is made is basically to put Marijuana…

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Become A Vapeologist With This Essential Vaping Terminology

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26650 – The largest-sized battery used in advanced e-cigarettes and PVs, these are usually used by sub-ohm vapers, or users who use atomizers with resistances less than 1 ohm. 306 – A type of disposable atomizer, it uses the same thread as a 510 atomizer. 306 atomizers usually have low resistance, and 510 users often use these types for their increased vapor production. 401, 402, and 403 – Also called m401, m402, and m403, these are types of e-cigarettes that are virtually identical except for the battery length, with 401s being the longest and 403s the shortest. 510 – The most common and popular…

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On This Day In Sports History: George Foreman

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On this day in Sports History! On this day in 1994, it was a Saturday that shocked the world of boxing. George Foreman at the age of 45 years and 360 days, beat Michael Moorer in a Heavyweight Championship boxing match. Moorer was only 26 years old at the time and previously had a 35-0 winning streak. In the tenth round of the World Boxing Association fight, the tables of the fight had turned. Foreman had impacted the speed of the much younger Moorer with a body shot. Half way through that round, Foreman delivered the final blow that was…

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Loso Loaded Feat. Lil Yachty: Loso Boat

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Loso Loaded Feat. Lil Yachty: Loso Boat   Lil Yachty has done it again with another great music video this time with a new and upcoming artists Loso Loaded. This song has a very nice hood type beat and the verses Lil Yachty spits are pretty good. Since Lil Yachty's debut in the XXL freshman class he has gotten a lot of air time and has proven to be a good fit for the new era of Hip Hop music artists.    

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