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The Effects of Cannabinoids on Cancer and Other Terminal Illnesses

Holistic care practitioners in Miami, FL and around the globe have taken a good look into hemp and hemp derived CBD products for their patients, and for a good reason too. While there is limited, but growing, publicly available scientific research on cannabidiol (CBD) and its effects during human consumption, many people seem to swear by the miracle oil. From providing everyday stress and anxiety relief to tackling some of the tougher health issues like glaucoma and cancer, full spectrum CBD oil seems to get praises from everyone, including the medical community.

Till date, there has been no confirmed overdoses nor deaths related to the use of CBD, making cannabidiol a safe and viable alternative to pharmaceuticals like pills and drugs. There is overwhelming empirical anecdotal evidence that points to CBD oil being a healthy choice. Partially because it’s accepted so well by the body. Partially because it seems to work so well. Miami Rave’s 24 Hour Local Cannabis Delivery Service is determined to make it easier for you to acquire CBD and other potentially beneficial cannabinoids like Delta 8 THC. Servicing Miami-Dade, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale and Fort Lauderdale Beach, our 24 Hour Smoke shop is ready to fill the void, offering 24 hour same day deliveries on all of the products here on our site.

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Miami’s Camillus House, a facility specializing in basic needs assistance and specialized housing services, is a place that is frequently on our local delivery schedule, along with other medical facilities like local recovery houses and Baptist Medical. Get the relief you have been seeking today, and get it fast! There is no medical marijuana card needed to buy CBD nor Delta 8 THC. Take advantage of this opportunity and try something different. Try something that might just work!

A lot of people who try medicinal cannabinoids, like CBD, for the first time are blown away by the type of relief that they experience. Inflammation, anxiety, aches and pain, CBD seems to be the one size fits all solution to all of life’s problems. The best part about it, cannabidiol is 100% organic and proven to exhibit no negative side effects nor addiction tendencies. In most cases; even though we are not healthcare practitioners, nor giving any medical advice, CBD is far superior to most modern pharmaceuticals. This is because, unfortunately, most of today’s prescription drugs tend to have more deadly side effects than the illness they are trying to cure. While we wouldn’t recommend ditching the pill just yet, we do recommend that you try some CBD or Delta 8 THC for your self and make your own opinion.

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While government funded facilities like Camillus House don’t offer cannabinoid support systems or even a way to get information on CBD or THC infused products, there is no need to worry, we have you covered. It’s important to note that health insurance like medicare and medicaide won’t pay for your CBD. You’ll have to invest your own money to get some. While this may seem like a setback to some, the potential cure is well worth the money. Cannabidiol has been know to attack even the most aggressive diseases like Cancer. In fact, peer studies reveal that Cannabidiol promotes apoptosis of osteosarcoma cells in vitro and in vivo by activating the SP1-CBX2 axis. In case you’re not familiar with what osteosarcoma is, it’s the most common primary malignant bone tumor that often occurs in children, adoles-cents, and young adults. With a simple daily recommended dose of at least 1,000 MG of Full Spectrum CBD , the study revealed that CBD use was directly related to suppressed tumor growth in a mouse xenograft model by regulating the SP1-CBX2 axis. This finding provides novel therapeutic strategies for osteosarcoma in clinics like Camillus House and Baptist Medical.

While we have only scratched the surface on what cannabis can really do medicinally, there really does seem to be a lot of people rooting for the miracle leaf. While cannabis use is generally seen as safe with little to no side effects, ,more scientific research is needed to adequately discover all of the possibilities of this holistic, all natural remedy. Until then, peer reviewed evidence coupled with limited scientific trials and research support the claims that CBD can possibly cure cancer and many other diseases in both animals and humans. With claims like that, it’s worth a try!

– Yolo, Michael Callahan

Miami Rave CEO

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