CBD 101

Is CBD Oil Suitable for Dogs?

So, most of you have heard about the market flourishing with this CBD oil! It has shown and proven to be effective and potent for a number of health issues. And, as we humans have gradually grasped the benefits of cannabis and its varying strains, some turned out extraordinary. 

Few people have experimented with CBD oil on their pets to help them relieve their medical conditions too. For instance, there are people who use CBD oil in Miami on their pets to help them overcome their pain, inflammation, or a neurological disorder. One of the most sought after and best CBD in Miami, Florida is with Miami Rave. They have certified and avant-garde quality of CBD oil.

These all are anecdotal evidence and very few researches and studies have been carried out in order to reach out a definitive conclusion that says CBD is effective for dogs or pets as a whole. Therefore, one of the common questions that most of the CBD users or even pet owners have- Is CBD really useful for dogs? Does that strain help in curbing the pain? Does cannabis help in helping my dog? 

When it comes to CBD and dogs, there is a lot of information all over the internet. Let us explore more about CBD oil and see if they are really as effective as the internet claims!


What Is CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a cannabinoid derived from the cannabis plant or hemp plant. This does not bring any psychoactive effects on the user as THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol)- another cannabinoid found in cannabis and hemp plants. CBD Oil is the extracted form of oil from these plants whose THC content varies from one product to another. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose the type of CBD content product you want- no THC, little THC, and inclusion of other compounds. 

How does CBD Affect Our Dogs?

What effects does CBD have on dogs? – this is the most asked question for the pet owners who have come across the information that CBD is helpful in treating and managing a number of health issues in dogs too. However, to be more precise, there is no formal study on these CBD and dogs. Because cannabis is not legal in most of the states, this makes the research and study for the same really challenging and difficult. 

CBD has proven potent to treat a wide number of human health issues. And thus, it is believed to be the right cure for our best friend- dogs too. Why? The simple answer says that it helps in interacting with the endocannabinoid receptors in our entire body. This Endocannabinoid System is responsible for carrying out a number of bodily functions. This also includes maintaining a balance in the body and keeping it in a healthy state. 


What Dog Health Problems Can CBD Oil Treat?

As there is almost no clinical evidence for CBD oil to be beneficial for dogs, there is a multitude of anecdotal evidence that helps in concluding that CBD is good for dogs. It is beneficial in controlling neuropathic pain as well as seizures. CBD also possesses anti-inflammatory effects on humans, anti-nausea effects, anti-anxiety effects, appetite stimulation, and cardiac benefits, and much more. 

There can be situations where the over the counter medicines for dogs fault to be effective on dogs, therefore, this is when some veterinarians recommend the use of CBD oil for treating medical and health-related issues. 

CBD Products for Dogs on the Market

Your dogs are your best friend. Thus, it is important to be through with what you are buying for them and administering them aiming to treat their medical condition. As CBD has been proven to be beneficial for dogs, there are several products available in the market for dogs that help them in coping up with several medical illnesses that can make their life a little difficult. Also, you must understand that not all CBD oils in the market are of the same quality and have the same effects. Each of its compositions is possibly different as their content varies, the extraction methods vary, and much more. Of course, you would want a top-quality CBD oil for your dog to be effective on its health. Here are some suggestions for the same:


  • Go organic
  • Don’t shop based on price
  • Check the certificate 
  • Liquid CBD is better

Note: Always remember to consult a healthcare professional before administering CBD Oil to your pets!