How CBD Can Be Added to Your Favorite Comfort Foods

Everyone has that meal they crave when they need to feel good about themselves.

Whether it’s a meal you remember from your childhood or something you used to eat at a run-down diner, food can be a powerful emotional trigger.

We form connections that are fulfilling and giving, associating moments of our life; emotions do much more with what’s on our plates and in our bellies. And some foods are always comforting to cook, smell, eat and experience.

To take that feeling of eating a great meal to new heights, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks to add CBD to some of the most widely-loved comfort foods.

Grilled Cheese Goodness

There’s nothing quite like a good old fashioned grilled cheese sandwich for days you’re down on your luck. A quick and easy snack to make, you can mix your favorite cheeses, add in spices and seasoning, and crush some hemp flower into your mix.

Another easier way to get the most of this is to directly use CBD oil in cooking and melting. Since cheese melts pretty quickly, the risk of burning the oil is lower, or you can stick to the herb mixture.

cooked sandwitch

The rich herbs lend flavor and aroma to this classic comfort meal, and you can pair with a tall, cold glass of your favorite beverage.

Mashed Potatoes

Another popular comfort food, mashed potatoes can be made the way you regularly do but seasoned with some canna-infused cheese. You should combine your potatoes with seasoning, herbs and add finely crushed hemp flowers to the mix.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Do you have a chocolate chip cookie recipe that you’ve perfected over the year? Everyone does because this is the perfect fix to your dessert cravings!
But a trick to getting the perfect batch of cookies is adding a few mL of your favorite CBD hemp oil.

The aroma of the oil will lend an earthy richness to your cookies, but if that’s not something you’re fond of, you can always add a bit more essence and extra chocolate.

caramel coffee

Creamy Latte And Hot Chocolate

You’ve got your snacks, a dessert, and now the quintessential comfort drink: hot chocolate. Or a latte, if you prefer this milky, frothy coffee.

Gather all your ingredients including unsweetened coffee, some sugar, a pinch of salt, a few drops of CBD oil, and whip ’em till they’re a creamy texture. Pour in your warm milk (dairy or plant-based), stir, and enjoy!

No matter what your favorite snack is, you can find a range of CBD products for sale on our website. Choose from CBD oil tinctures, capsules, CBD hemp flowers, oils, and even gummies for an easy to eat treat and place your order today.

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