Hemp seeds medical benefits and nutrition

Very few people would know the nutritional advantages of hemp seeds. There are many misconceptions around the hemp seed medical benefits as well. Get to know about the nutritional values of hemp and how you can benefit.

Almost everybody might have heard about hemp and how people use it in different ways, but what nobody knows is that there are not one but many myths around the nutritional benefits of hemp, which can affect your decisions about it. Even after being misunderstood as a recreational substitute, It is one of the most popular ingredients for superfoods or beverages. Some people don’t even understand the medicinal properties of this plant and how it can provide nutritional benefits. This article will give you an insight into the benefits of consuming hemp seeds.

3 ways in which hemp seeds can be consumed daily

Unlike marijuana that comes from both Cannabis Sativa and Indica plants, Hemp seeds particularly come from Cannabis sativa seeds. But even though it has its lineage from the Sativa plants, its effects are a bit different from them. Their effect on the mind is not as altering as any other Sativa-based product. Hence hemp seeds are used for consumption in the following ways.

  • Sprinkle with dressing– If you are a fan of puddings, salads, casseroles, yogurt, and if you would love to add some nutritional value to your food, you can sprinkle the hemp seeds on your food, and you can also get the yummy nutty flavor added to the delicious food you are already having. 
  • Prepare a smoothie– If you like to have smoothies and are open to trying different flavors like strawberry banana spinach smoothie, you can just increase the nutrition intake by adding hemp seeds to the smoothie. This way, you can enjoy your favorite flavored smoothie with the benefit of hemp.
  • Hemp butter- If you are more of a bread and butter kind of a person, then you can always go for hemp butter added on your toast with avocados. You can also make it an everyday routine meal to get the best nutrition with a satisfying taste. 

Hemp seed nutrition

hemp seeds germinating under crystal water

Not one, but there are many nutritional values In hemp seeds that people seldom know about. People often come across the benefits of different marijuana seeds like the haze seeds, autoflower seeds, feminized seeds but still have a lot of doubts about hemp seeds. Below are some of the nutritional facts that can give you an overview of how beneficial hemp seed can be. 

  • Fibers – Fibre is an essential part of your daily nutrition. The shell of the hemp seed is highly rich in fiber. Even without the shell, you can be sure to get the PF fiber from the hemp seeds, but when the shell is intact, the level of fiber intake increases, and Your gut starts functioning better. There are many benefits of including proper fiber intake in your daily food. 
  1. You can easily manage weight.
  2. Your appetite balances
  3. The health of your gut improves.
  4. Your blood sugar levels are balanced out.
  • Protein -The other most important nutrient that you can get from hemp seeds is protein. As you know, protein is an important factor required by your body. It helps in repairing the muscles and also improves muscle health. If you work out regularly and like to keep yourself in shape, you must include hemp seed in your daily diet.
  1. The important amino acids required by your body will be provided by just 2-3 teaspoons of hemp seed intake.
  2. Not all plant-based diets can fulfill your body’s protein demand. So if you are a vegan, then this is a must for your diet.
  3. It is also very important for the improvement of your heart health.
  • Good fats– you must know that good fats are also essential for your health. Normally this is obtained from polyunsaturated fats. They are responsible for accumulating omega3 and omega6 fatty acids, which is vital to increase immunity. Very few people know that hemp seeds can be a very good source of essential fatty acids that are needed by the body. And if you want to go vegan, this can be a very good source for it.
  1. It helps in improving immunity and helps the body fight diseases better.
  2. A low intake of saturated fats will help you in maintaining a long-term balance of your health.
  3. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and promoting good heart health.

What are the health problems that can be treated better by the addition of hemp seeds?

Mental issues– there are many brain-related problems that can be effectively handled by adding hemp seeds to daily diets. Diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, seizures, etc., can be effectively cured by using this along with modern medicines.

Physical issues– many chronic physical conditions also are found to have reduced drastically after the addition of hemp seeds in daily diets. Issues like pain, inflammation, heart problems, pulmonary issues, etc., become easier to treat with just a small hemp seed addition to the diet. Even the doctors today are starting to understand this and are medically recommending it. Experts are seen studying the effects of hemp with modern medicine on a particular disease.

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