How to Get the High Without Stress – Effects of Delta-8 THC

Users of cannabis and other savvy hemp smokers are talking aloud about the goodness of delta-8 THC cartridges, edibles, and other related products. This important variation of the well-known Delta-8-THC compound has already gathered a lot of popularity. It is being sold freely for medicinal and recreational consumption in the states that have legalized its use. Along with the USA, the demand for Delta-8-THC is growing across the world. Health practitioners and wellness gurus are working on the possibilities of this compound to increase its usage and reach. 

In this article, we will discuss the impact of Delta-8-THC on users. We will also touch upon the legal status of this isomer of Delta- 9 THC in the paras that follow. Read on to get a fair and comprehensive idea of this component of cannabis or marijuana, as found in its natural state. 

Increasing Popularity of Delta-8 THC Products and Edibles

 Did you know that Delta-9-THC is the primary ‘high’ giving component of the cannabis plant? It is used as a highly potent source of THC and has several medicinal properties. The increasing popularity of its recently-introduced cousin, delta-8 THC, can be attributed to the fact that it gives off a smooth high that does not cause stress, nausea or any kind of discomfort. The THC contained in this isomer of delta-9 THC and CBD is used to stimulate users’ appetite. Besides, it has a positive effect on the treatment of patients suffering from acute nausea or restlessness. 

According to lab-based research and recent studies, patients undergoing chemotherapy use delta-8 THC support to ease inflammation and pain. However, health practitioners are still working on the efficacy of THC in this context. It has also been found that HIV patients may benefit by using Dronabinol, a cultured form of THC. In other words, patients going through HIV and chemotherapy treatment may rely on the natural goodness of hemp and THC to find some much-needed relief. 

The Downsides of Taking High Doses of Delta-9 THC

Without any doubt, marijuana has proven to be a relatively mild drug. It has negligible or few side effects that far outweigh the pros of using CBD and other less potent forms of cannabis. In comparison to tobacco or alcohol use, the recreational use of marijuana is being recommended by health and wellness experts. However, the same is not true for those prone to taking heavy doses of Delta-9-THC. There are downsides of overuse. According to experts, “Overuse of Delta-9 THC can trigger anxiety and paranoia. Users may suffer from headaches and dizziness that can throw them off-gear. The high so caused can be harmful.”

Having said this, it is also important to note that Delta-8 THC edibles and related products are not in the same league. Though they are manufactured from an isomer of Delta-9-THC, they are quite different when it comes to giving a high. The effects of Delta-8 THC in products sold legally in many states of the USA are quite different. Far from causing a complete high and stoned out feeling, they impart a soothing experience. It is also worth mentioning that cannabis and hemp, when sold legally, are scrutinized for their THC levels. Any product containing more than the legally permissible levels of THC cannot be sold freely- either online or offline. 

WHY Cannabis Users Moving to Delta-8 THC ?

Why are Cannabis Users Moving to Delta-8 THC?

Not every cannabis user desires a high. It’s evident that the current generation of hemp fans are imbibing the goodness of this plant to keep away their stress and anxiety syndromes. Many delta-8 THC users are turning to it to avoid the high potency of the Delta-9-THC. Even though it is the lesser-known isomer of CBD Delta-9-THC, delta-8 THC has made its mark in a big way. 

There are some subtle points of difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9. Though both are capable of leaving you stoned out, the potency of the former is almost half of that of the latter. 

It has been established that Delta-8, unlike Delta-9, gives off less anxious psychoactive and smoother experiences. The medicinal effects of these two isomers are quite different from each other. The levels of THC contained in delta 8 are very effective for relieving pain, nausea, and inflammation. Moreover, advanced clinical trials are already in place to understand its efficacy in treating other medical conditions – both mental and physical. 

Basis recent findings and reports, the different products manufactured from delta-8 THC are trending in media and health circles alike. This top but new cannabis product is being purchased in the form of vape cartridges, gummies, tinctures, and soft drinks. There is an unprecedented rise in the popularity of these products. The craze is persistent and rising. Given this scenario, several quality control measures are being put in place by the government of different states to ensure the efficacy of Delta-8 and its use. These days, it is common to find tall claims made by the companies manufacturing CBD products and edibles. Scientists and government authorities are putting in extra hours to understand how genuine these claims are and whether they can affect users in any adverse ways. 

The Shift is Subtle

Interestingly, the cannabinoids found in their natural state in the cannabis plant have a long list of uses and benefits. The wide range of products being manufactured from these compounds is endless. The ease of availability of Delta-9-THC and CBD, along with the minor and major cannabinoids they contain, has created a ready market for delta-8 THC products. As the quantity of Delta-8 produced by cannabis plants is quite low and the processing time high, it may not be easy to easily find these products. However, trusted sources and marketplaces can give you ready access to the best delta-8 THC edibles and cartridges. Are you ready to enjoy the ‘high’ with a subtle shift, the right way?

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