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Putting Grass Into Glass When You Love Smoking Blunts

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The ways in which Cannabis is consumed is constantly evolving. The avid user has been presented with a wide selection of methods as the last decade proved to be a catalyst for innovation. While things continue to change, there are some things that will always stay the same. This includes a love for a good Blunt. Despite the diverse portfolio of smoking tactics today, the admiration for the herb as it encapsulates inside a sweet leaf does something to us as it kisses our lips with a hint of grape. The Devils Lettuce wrapped in Dutches, Swishers, or Backwoods will…

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The Velocity Of Vaping & Its Effects On The Cannabis Industry

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Much like with Tobacco, Marijuana has felt the forefront of change as Vaping continues to gain popularity with teens and adults across the States. This in turn has revolutionized the way in which Cannabis is consumed among users offering diverse alternatives. This aided in the appeal for newcomers as well as seasoned consumers as there became multiple methods to the way Cannabis is approached. Unlike the Tobacco industry, Marijuana has gained a new audience as a new landscape continues to be developed. The ability to consume marijuana in concentrated forms such as Oil opened a new door for the audience looking to not…

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The Velocity Of Vaping & Its Effects On The Tobacco Industry

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The fixation with smoke dates back through the generations. Something about the gases in our body gets us going. So much so that at a point in our history, we advocated for cigarettes like no tomorrow in order to boost sales among our communities. Before long the infamous "Marlboro Man" and similar campaigns such as "Old Joe Camel" became entities luring the population into another nail in the coffin.   As studies progressed and accountable deaths became noted, the lust for cigarettes  dwindled. Avid users still looking for their fix were compelled to find a new outlet. This in turn,…

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Cooking With Cannabis: Coconut Cannaoil

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Cannabis has been known to be infused with edible products and continues to gain popularity in public eye. As the mood of the nation continues to shift in support of the plant, legislation has loosened the lines we once could not cross. As a result, there has never been a better time to sharpen yours skills as a Cannabis Chef. Today I’m going to give you insight on how to make some of the best “Cannaoil’ you’ll ever find. Now usually the first question I get is whether or not this is oil you can smoke, No, It is not.…

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Glass Blunt Review From Bubs in LA

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Hey guys, I just wanted to bring a sensational review of our 7 Pipe Glass Blunt to view! It has a lot of the very important highlights that makes us a proud carrier of the 7 Pipe Glass Blunt. This comes to us from Bubs in Los Angeles. This little glass thing is wicked! I haven't had any other piece like this before and I'll try and start from the beginning. Where ever that might be! It's hard to articulate because without being too simple. It really is a glass blunt. So let's delve into why that seems to simple,…

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Five Myths About Vaping

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So here we are in November of 2017 and we are about 56 days away from 2018 and we still have some mind-boggling and weird myths around vaping we want to straighten out. Vaping first made it's face in 1963 after Herbert A. Gilbert filed a patent for a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette. This substitute for tobacco resembled the modern e-cigarette. It included heating elements that warmed the flavor cartridges that gave you smokeless, flavored air. So in the mishaps of the tobacco industry lobbying millions of dollars in silly advertisements, let's go over some of these things together, so we…

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What Is A Rosin Press?

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Just two years ago, the Rosin Press was introduced to the market for Cannabis Concentrate products like Hash Oil and Shatter Wax. The reason the Rosin Press has substantially gained traction within the Medical Marijuana movement is because of the process itself. The wax that has predated the use of a Rosin Press was obtained by using a solvent, like Butane. Obviously, most of the medical marijuana consumers don't want to be putting any additional substances in their body that could be harmful. The really simple description for how Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is made is basically to put Marijuana…

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New Dual Coil Ceramic 1 ML Vaporizer Cartridge

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The New Dual Coil Ceramic 1ML Vaporizer Cartridge is expected to be available soon. The new dual coil technology in the empty vape cartridge is something like never seen before in a 1ML vaporizer cartridge. Ceramic diodes make vaping thick e-liquids a breeze and create HUGE vapor clouds. These cartridges are expected to outperform any 1ML cartridge on the market. These carts still boast the same low 1.6- 2.1 ohms of resistance shown in this vape cartridge's little brother the CE3 Vaporizer Cartridge, which features a cotton wick. This refillable oil vaporizer cartridge offers a stainless steel base and stainless steel…

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