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Post Malone Feat. 21 Savage: Rockstar

21 Savage Post Malone Rockstar xxl freshman

Post Malone Feat. 21 Savage: Rockstar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W4BOZFjypCo 21 Savage has been doing a lot for the music community lately with numerous hot songs since his debut into the mainstream music scene by being a part of the most recent xxl freshman class. Him, along with other new emerging artists such as Lil Yachty and Lil […]

Kodak Black: Racial Preferences In Dating

Kodak Black:     Kodak Black is a South Florida rapper with the hit single “Tunnel Vision” that’s been spun across the U.S. airwaves. The talented 20 year old has faced a lot of problems mostly dealing with the law. A month ago he was released from Broward County Jail in Florida after violating his […]

Miami Rave Exclusive Interview: Lottyre Rich

Miami Rave Exclusive Interview-stamp

MR: Tell us a little about Lottyre Rich. Who are you and what do you do? Lottyre: (I am) an aspiring rap artist that is focused on taking it to the max. I am from Newark New Jersey and I reside on the coast of North Carolina. I have toured from New York to Florida. […]

Miami Rave Exclusive Interview: Pape

Miami Rave pape

MR: Tell us a little about Pape. Who are you and what all do you do? PAPE: Rap artist born and raised in Mobile,Alabama.I rap and I hustle all I know is make a way. MR: When did you 1st start getting into producing music and why did you pursue such a career? PAPE: I […]

New Song: DJ Khaled and Drake connect for “To The Max”

Miami Rave aasa

If you have been on DJ Khaled’s social media accounts you know he’s been waiting for Drake’s vocals for some time. Well, finally the Drake vocals are in and these two larger than life musical stars have gifted the world with a new song called “To The Max”. If you were anticipating a heavy banger […]

New Mixtape: Chief Keef drops “Thot Breaker”

Miami Rave ck

      Chief Keef drops new mixtape called “Thot Breaker”. The new music from King Sosa comes after a lengthy delay and several promises of release dates. The Chicago native was supposedly going to release music on May 14th (Mother’s Day), but that never happened. Fortunately, the new mixtape is finally here. Fans of […]

New Song: Tyga and Vince Staples on “Playboy”

Miami Rave tyg

Tyga has been blazing the scene  since the breakup with King Kylie. Tyga has been releasing non-stop ahead of his next mixtape #BitchImTheShit2. In 2017 already he’s released  “Feel Me”,  “Act Ghetto” featuring Lil Wayne, and “100’s” with Chief Keef. Once again the G.O.O.D music artist dropped another track called “Playboy” featuring a fellow California native, […]