Your Guide to CBD Vaping

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You may be experienced in using CBD through a variety of methods, but if you’ve never tried vaping before, CBD vaping may seem a bit questionable. This shouldn’t be the case because vaping CBD is highly effective and enjoyable.

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand what CBD vaping entails.

Reasons Why You Should Try CBD Vaping

Effectiveness: Vaping CBD is the most effective way of administering it. Edibles, tinctures, topicals, and capsules don’t have the high bioavailability that inhaling the oil does.

Increasing Dosage is Easy: When you compare CBD vape oil/juice to other forms with fixed amounts such as edibles, capsules, and tinctures, incrementally increasing dosage is much easier.

Portability: For those who are busy commuters, CBD vape pens are a fantastic lightweight option that’s ready for use.

Variety of Flavors: Just as other vape-e-liquids come in a variety of flavors, so does CBD vape oil. If you’ve ever consumed CBD oil as is, you’ll know how bad it can taste. CBD vape oil gives you the option to choose from fruit, candy, and dessert flavors.

All Your CBD Vape Options

Not all vaporizers are created equal. Some are definitely more suited to beginners, while others will take a little practice and getting used to. Ultimately, the vape pen you choose comes down to the kind of vape experience you want and how hands-on you’d prefer it to be.


Disposable pre-filled vape pen: A pre-filled vape pen is perfect for beginners because all you really need to do is take it out of its package, vape, and dispose of once empty. They’re great for entry-level vaping and are relatively inexpensive.

CBD oil cartridges: These are slim vape tanks that come pre-filled with CBD distillate or vape juice. They either require a vape pen or a thread battery that’s compatible with standard cartridges. CBD oil cartridges usually hold about 0.5-1.0 ml of CBD vape juice and are the easiest method to vape after disposable vape pens.

CBD vape mods: These are specialized vaporizers that require manual filling of CBD vape juice. You can fill a much larger amount of CBD vape juice in a vape mod than the other options. They also produce more vapor and flavor than the other options. Considering it’s a one-time investment, vape mods will end up being more cost-effective in the long term, though they do require some maintenance.

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