When was the last time you had CBD weed at your house, laying on the couch, and listening to the uncertain and rather scary news surrounding the Novel Coronavirus?

The pandemic has enveloped the entire world, and we have seen that physical health is not the only aspect of daily life that is affected by the recent chain of events. Indeed, the toll on mental health usually goes unnoticed, but it is there.

We at Miami Rave genuinely care about our customers, the society in which we operate in, and beyond.

After all, your presence and support is the reason we exist in the first place. Therefore, we have an exciting offer for you.

Wanna know what that is?

Let’s find out.

Four Wholesale Pounds of CBD

Before going on with the description of our excellent offer, let us inform you this: It is not only wholesale with regards to the price, but also WHOLESOME due to the quality and outcome of our product!

Given the gloomy scenario where most of us are not leaving home due to the fear of catching the virus, the whole environment has turned bleak and depressive.

But this is not the time to lament, regret, or fall in the negative spiral. We need to take care of ourselves more than we ever had to, and Miami Rave has just the right offer that will enable you to choose the first step towards self-care.

You can be our regular customer, occasional customer, or even a potential one. We hope to get you as excited as we are right now!

Are you tired of buying expensive CBD products?

Do you feel that the quantity of the CBD product is too less?

Do you have a hard time finding a trustworthy supplier?

Would you instead get CBD delivered in the comfort of your home?

If your answer was yes to all (or even at least one), then we have got you covered. We have got Four Wholesale Pounds of CBD waiting to be delivered at your doorsteps!

Rave Budz – 4 pounds special

Miami Rave takes pride that our product – Rave Budz – gives the user a significant dose of high quality, pure CBD, which is extracted directly from the buds of a fresh cannabis plant.

Rave Budz is a smokable hemp flower that is natural and organic. Packed in condensed nugs of bud, you will be able to savor the fantastic flavor through vaping, smoking, or merely brewing a soothing tea.

Rave Budz is cultivated carefully and distinctively, whereby all the natural terpenes are preserved, which ensures that you receive the full burst of flavors when consuming the Full-Spectrum CBD Hemp Flower.

Perhaps the best quality of our offer is that it is applicable to all our best-sellers, and more! In $1500, you can get four pounds of high-quality CBD in any of the following strains:

  1. Charlotte’s Web
  2. Electra
  3. Harlequin
  4. Lifter
  5. Sour Space Candy
  6. Special Sauce

Do you want to mix it up? Be our guest!

Puzzled by the impressive variety of strains and can’t decide on one?

That’s perfectly fine! Let us handle that confusion of yours because you can choose to order 4 pounds with one pound from a different strain.

After all, we are the ones looking out for you, and our choice will hopefully take you to the much-needed relaxing and euphoric mental space.

All the strains included in Rave Budz are loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes that will enable you to receive the full range of synergistic benefits of the cannabis plant.

If you are looking for earthy and piney scent, then Charlotte’s Web can be your go-to option. If you would rather have a strain with a fruity flavor profile, then check out Sour Space Candy. If you want to opt for a clear-headed and sweet strain, then Harlequin can be your best bet.

We have something for everyone, and our list of high-quality strains are truly versatile.

These high CBD Strains have less than 0.3 percent THC, so you don’t need to worry about any mind-altering effects.

After all, there is already a lot to worry about these days. Give yourself a much-needed break and order 4 pounds of Rave Budz!

Why Miami Rave?

We offer a range of authentic, high-quality, lab-tested, distilled CBD products. From strains to gummies, we have something for everyone, and each product posseses the following qualities:

  • Made in the USA
  • NSF tested
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate
  • 100% Organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Gluten-free
  • THC Free

We deliver in all the fifty states across the US. Our delivery service is quick and efficient, and we are active 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

With all the positives going on, we are humble in our approach and confident in our product to offer a 100% refund with no questions asked for seven days, if our CBD products falls short of your expectations.

And we know that this scenario won’t happen!

Bottom line

It is high time to sit back, relax, and purchase four wholesale pounds of CBD from Miami Rave.

Rave Budz will surely do the trick, after which you can expect to see an improvement in your sleep cycles, mood swings, energy level, and headspace. With the noise of social distancing going on, Miami Rave presents you with a wholesale and wholesome offer to enjoy four pounds of CBD strains at the comfort of your couch.

We are optimistic that the global situation will surely improve, and that our product offer would help you cope with the ongoing scenario in a calming and peaceful manner.