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What Is A Rosin Press?

Just two years ago, the Rosin Press was introduced to the market for Cannabis Concentrate products like Hash Oil and Shatter Wax. The reason the Rosin Press has substantially gained traction within the Medical Marijuana movement is because of the process itself. The wax that has predated the use of a Rosin Press was obtained by using a solvent, like Butane.

Obviously, most of the medical marijuana consumers don’t want to be putting any additional substances in their body that could be harmful. The really simple description for how Butane Hash Oil (BHO) is made is basically to put Marijuana in a container and push butane through that container. This process is effective in removing the cannabinoids, and you allow the butane to leave the container but not any of the cannabinoids and you will have your Butane Hash Oil. Obviously this is a gross simplification and there is a more detailed way to do it, like evaporating the substance left over to get rid of most of the butane in the oil.

There is quite a heated (get it?) debate about how much butane gets left over in properly evaporated, or purged, BHO and how much harm can be caused. The main reasons behind the debate is the fact that most smokers use a butane lighter to light up the flowery substance in their pipe, bong or joint/blunt. There hasn’t been entirely too much research into this, as Marijuana still registers as a Schedule I drug from the FDA.

To solve this dilemma and still be able to get the Hash Oil or Shatter Wax, we introduce the Rosin Press. Instead of a set up with solvent, and a timely process of purging and readying, the Rosin Press only uses three things: pressure, heat and time. Also depending on how you prepare your set up, you can have a type of Hash Oil anywhere from seconds to minutes after you begin. The Terpenes and Cannabinoids have to be balanced with heat because these molecules can be degraded ending in a product that does not have as much potency. Heat reduction and not time reduction at high heat is the only possible way to produce the best Hash Oil possible.

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