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The Velocity Of Vaping & Its Effects On The Tobacco Industry

The fixation with smoke dates back through the generations. Something about the gases in our body gets us going. So much so that at a point in our history, we advocated for cigarettes like no tomorrow in order to boost sales among our communities. Before long the infamous “Marlboro Man” and similar campaigns such as “Old Joe Camel” became entities luring the population into another nail in the coffin.


As studies progressed and accountable deaths became noted, the lust for cigarettes  dwindled. Avid users still looking for their fix were compelled to find a new outlet. This in turn, set the platform for what would be known as “Vaping”.

A much cleaner alternative with a higher smoke output allotted physical and psychological benefits that would catalyze the popularity of Vaping. Allowing individuals to create clouds without the harmful chemicals became a huge selling point among active tobacco users who were able to find a substitute and aided in deterring teenagers from choosing cigarettes.

In current day, teenage use of Cigarettes in the US is at a US low and the contemporary campaigns against tobacco play a huge role in doing. As a result, Vaping has taken off and there is a promising future.

What began as a multi million dollar business is beginning to show roots of a multi Billion forefront as Vaping has won the hearts of Americans all across the nation.

For more information on the direction the industry is heading, stay tuned. Until then, check out these products and get your fix.


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