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The Velocity Of Vaping & Its Effects On The Cannabis Industry

Much like with Tobacco, Marijuana has felt the forefront of change as Vaping continues to gain popularity with teens and adults across the States. This in turn has revolutionized the way in which Cannabis is consumed among users offering diverse alternatives. This aided in the appeal for newcomers as well as seasoned consumers as there became multiple methods to the way Cannabis is approached. Unlike the Tobacco industry, Marijuana has gained a new audience as a new landscape continues to be developed.

The ability to consume marijuana in concentrated forms such as Oil opened a new door for the audience looking to not only up their dosage but also provide a discreet manner in indulging. The newfound method allows the consumption of the herb in a gas that is barely seen or smelt. This in turn provides a confidence in enjoying the product without the worry or paranoia that comes with the public use of Cannabis.

The ability to”Bake” the herb through a chamber found in a number of vapes also brings a new alternative to the table. This also lets the consumer stick to the physical property of Marijuana while participating in a new way to smoke it. These hybrid components have catered to long time users while cultivated a new wave of individuals to consume.

As a result, the social schema that is associated with Cannabis has drastically dropped as it continues to find refuge in everyday life. Collaborations between the Vaping & Cannabis Industry are still in their early days but it is exciting to know both are also still in their infancy. As they each continue to grow and develop, one thing is for sure, they will grow together.





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