Thick or Fat? Instagram Model Winter Explains the Difference

Miami Rave 222

Kaila Wilkey, better know as Winter on Instagram recently appeared on DJ Smallz youtube channel for an interview. There the Bay area born model explained the difference between thick and fat.

“Honestly I feel like you thick if your butt is bigger than your stomach then your thick. If your stomach is bigger than your butt you may be fat ask yourself,” Wintrr explains.

Recently the Atlanta residing television personality admitted that she has gained 15 pounds which has brought doubt to the category of her body shape.

“My normal weight is 135. I just hit 150. So people have been calling me fat. I’ve never been called fat before.,” Kaila exclaimed.

Well if Wintrr is fat to some people I would want to date a fat girl any day of the week. Especially if she has Instagram photos like Winter does.



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