The NFL Confirms, Football Isn’t Real..

Tom Brady Wins Again

A video has arisen confirming what many people have been saying about the National Football League the whole time, its a hoax. In the recent AFC championship game between the Jacksonville Jaguars and the New England Patriots where Jacksonville clearly had the upper hand going into the second half, even after conceding a quick less than in a minute, last minute touchdown to get the Patriots 7 points closer to the Jags, Jacksonville’s star player and quarterback Jalen Ramsey has confirmed he was told to throw the game  in the 4th quarter when things got too real. Its funny that this looks likes last years super bowl between the Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons. Falcons go up by 2-3 touchdowns. Then out of nowhere its down to the wire in the fourth quarter and Tom Brady eeks out the last minute win.Check out the video and come to your own conclusions… My question is, is anything real? Is basketball real< Is baseball real? We already know soccer isn’t real. Is anything around us really real? Or is this just a perception of what we call reality that makes this and us real. By the way Ramsey was banned from the NFL for that revealing tweet.

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