Studying The CBD Hemp Flower: Everything You Need to Know

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While the demand for CBD oil and CBD infused products has risen considerably in the last couple of years, many people still don’t really know what CBD is and where it’s derived from. In fact, even seasoned CBD consumers often have trouble differentiating the hemp plant from the cannabis plant as both species stem from the same plant. However, the difference between the two is crucial in understanding the complete nature of CBD.

What is CBD Hemp flower?

CBD hemp flower (also referred to as the female hemp plant or bud) is a specific variety of Cannabis Sativa. This particular species of Cannabis Sativa differs from that of the cannabis plant in terms of its CBD content. While the cannabis plant has a greater THC content, the hemp flower produces more CBD. This seemingly small difference is what sets the two species apart.  

Both cannabis buds and hemp buds are similar in appearance. Cannabis buds are bred to produce more THC, whereas hemp flower buds are bred to produce lower levels of THC and higher levels of CBD. As a result, it’s the CBD hemp flower that offers the many medicinal benefits of CBD to consumers, instead of producing a feeling of euphoric high as cannabis buds do. Users are able to fully experience the therapeutic effects of Cannabis Sativa without getting high.

When the CBD hemp buds are in the final stage of blooming, they produce a high concentration of cannabinoids. In addition to these, terpenes are also produced by the flower. CBD products such as those offered at Miami Rave are made using oil secreted from these flowers and are effective in creating a synergistic effect.  

How Do You Use the CBD Hemp Flower?

When it comes to using the CBD hemp flower or buds, the process isn’t any different from how it would be for cannabis buds. You can consume the flower in various ways, depending on your personal preference and convenience.

Since hemp buds are fat-soluble, they can easily be infused into food products such as butter, spreads, and oil. This makes it easy to ingest the CBD hemp flowers. Alternately, you can also brew them in herbal tea or sprinkle some over your food as a spice. However, the effects of orally ingested CBD are a bit delayed as the cannabinoids first need to be broken down before CBD can be released in the body.

Most consumers tend to smoke or vaporize hemp flower buds. This allows CBD to enter your bloodstream much quicker, and is thus the fastest way of experiencing the effects of CBD.

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