Selecting CBD Strengths: A Guide

CBD oil and tinctures have made their way into therapeutic practices, and are used for an array of ailments. When it comes to selecting the right CBD product for your specific purposes, however, you first need to understand the different CBD strengths available.

Here’s how it works.

Low Strength (<100 mg–400 mg)

Low strength CBD tinctures and other products are ideal for daily use. They’re aimed at consumers who have a sensitive endocannabinoid system or little to zero tolerance for CBD.

Low-potency CBD oils range from less than 100 mg up to approximately 400 mg. It’s especially recommended for people who haven’t used CBD oil before and are just starting out with the cannabinoid. Additionally, low strength products are also recommended to individuals who have an active endocannabinoid system and require a less string dosage of CBD oil than other people. Low-strength CBD oil is effective in lowering stress level, alleviating anxiety, and relieving pain. This is why many consumers prefer to use low-strength tinctures as a dietary supplement to be taken daily.

Mild Strength (400 mg–800 mg)

Next, we have mild-strength CBD tinctures that are aimed at individuals who are in the habit of taking more than one dosage of lower-strength products. Instead of having to take multiple doses, they can opt for oil of mild strength, i.e. up to 800mg.

Mild-strength CBD tinctures are effective against moderate pain, anxiety, digestive discomfort, and loss of appetite. They’re considered to be an upgrade to low-strength tinctures for individuals who’ve been relying on the latter but haven’t quite seen the results they were hoping for. They’re also recommended for people who already have a tolerance for CBD.  

High Strength (800 mg–1,200 mg)

A strength of around 1,000mg is considered to be a high strength when it comes to CBD tinctures. These high potency products aren’t for beginners! In fact, they’re specifically geared at consumers who already have experienced CBD before.

Ranging up to 1,200mg, these tinctures are especially useful for treating insomnia, high anxiety and depression, high stress levels, deep muscle soreness, piercing headaches, and chronic pain. Additionally, high-strength CBD oils are also recommended for individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and help them “wean off” these substances. CBD helps against the withdrawal symptoms experienced by recovering addicts, and also has a soothing effect. This is extremely helpful in fighting addiction.

Extra-High Strength (>1,200 mg)

CBD tinctures with strengths over 1,200 mg (most prominently 1,500mg and 2,000mg) are recommended for severe cases only. For instance, if someone’s struggling with unbearable chronic pain or severe mental illnesses, they may be directed to CBD products of extra high strength. These should only be used by individuals who have a high CBD tolerance and really need a higher concentration of CBD.

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