Scrumptious Savory Snacks with CBD and Hemp Oil

at home snacks

With shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders still in place as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, now is the perfect time to fire up your kitchen stove and oven to cook up some delicious snacks. Get behind the quarantine snacking trend, where calories don’t count, and time is an illusion.

It’s never too late to learn to cook, and these are some snack ideas that you can easily whip up at home, even if you’re alone. The best part is, many of these snacks are CBD friendly, so you can add CBD oils and other ingredients to enjoy eh gastronomic experience alongside the relaxation.

So read ahead, get inspired, and let’s get cooking!

CBD Guacamole

Healthy and delicious, this dip is perfect is loaded with proteins, vitamins, and important nutrition sources. Similar to traditional guacamole, you can use any recipe you were used to. But play with flavor and texture, mashing up the perfect avocadoes for a creamy base, add in spices, seasoning, and some CBD hemp oil. Quick and easy to make, this guacamole is the perfect dip for tortilla chips, vegetables, and also great to have as a spread or a side.

CBD salad

CBD salads

While there are ways to add hemp flowers to meals, such as steeping or mixing them. Another easy way to do this is through using CBD oils and flowers in salads. Make a salad of your choice, adding in a healthy mix of fruit and vegetables, and then whip up a salad dressing based on your preferences.

Some balsamic vinegar, salt, honey, CBD oil or powder, go very well together, giving you that bunch of salty and sweet. Drizzle over your salad, toss feta or cottage cheese, add croutons and protein if you want and enjoy a healthy but filling meal.

Smokey mac ‘n’ cheese

The universal comfort food, this is the perfect thing to get you in a good mood. Easy to make, nearly everyone has their own special touch to macaroni and cheese. Try the upgraded, adult version of this delicious snack with a dash of CBD through oil or make your own cannabutter using hemp flowers and CBD oil and follow along to this detailed recipe for the ultimate meal.

Smokey mac ‘n’ cheese

Cheesy dips

Not in the mood for a full-blown cooking session? You can easily make this dip in just a few minutes, going off estimates. Pull out ingredients from your pantry, including cream cheese, spices and flakes, salt and onion powder, and of course, your CBD source.

Oil might lead to a runny texture, but so long as you whip and mix it well, you should be alright. Using hemp flowers by crushing them into flakes or powder works well too. For a more advanced cheese sauce, check out this gouda sauce that you can layer onto sandwiches and burgers.

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