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Putting Grass Into Glass When You Love Smoking Blunts

The ways in which Cannabis is consumed is constantly evolving. The avid user has been presented with a wide selection of methods as the last decade proved to be a catalyst for innovation. While things continue to change, there are some things that will always stay the same. This includes a love for a good Blunt. Despite the diverse portfolio of smoking tactics today, the admiration for the herb as it encapsulates inside a sweet leaf does something to us as it kisses our lips with a hint of grape.

The Devils Lettuce wrapped in Dutches, Swishers, or Backwoods will always hold a place the hearts of enthusiast everywhere.

The O.G’s of the Smoke Game are usually the first to reach for some wraps while the newcomers have been the innovators in the glass game. Bowls & Bongs serve as great apparatuses that are growing in popularity as they have become more available as well as creative in recent years. Another huge selling point that has captivated consumers as they continue to become health conscious is the benefits that come with putting your greens in glass rather than a blunt. Still, the adoration continues and before we evaluate, we must compare.

Blunt VS. Glass

Humans being the creatures of comfort that they are, often find appeal in the resource that provides the most ease. That being said, ease is subjective to the moment when these two are head to head and usually relies on the situation.


Now if you know weed you know what’s up. If you want to smoke a blunt you got to grind up bud, gut the dutch, and then you hit the “Tuck & Roll”. Depending on your level of expertise this can be a timely process but all in all, time consuming nonetheless. Now while this may be off-putting to some, the process of rolling a blunt is beloved by many and that alone can allow it to stand its ground.

That being said, if you want to hit it from some glass, all you got to do is pack the bowl playboy. 1, 2, ready type of deal. Which to many, is very attractive.

So if you’re looking for ease, Glass takes this one in my humble opinion.


Now once you’ve finished the prep, it’s a whole other game. Depending on where you’re at, this factor can be the most important of all. Glass, while beautiful, can sometimes be ugly to carry. Bowls fly under the radar if treading carefully while bongs stick out like a sore thumb. A blunt on the other hand can be carried by hand without setting off any sirens.  If you’re in a comfortable  place though, it’s an even playing field.

Location plays the most important role here because even if you’re comfortable smoking outside, sparking a blunt once is much smoother than lighting a bowl/bong every time you rip it.

So if you’re looking for ease, Blunts take this one in my humble opinion.


Now this ones easy, which would you rather drop?

Blunts 2, Glass 1

Amount Of Cannabis Used

Regardless of how well you can roll a blunt, it’s no shocker that you lose some herb when you’re rolling it. You are also not using the greens to their potential as it is paired with tobacco that can mask the taste. Glass uses little weed to deliver a maximum output.

Tied up, Blunts 2, Glass 2


Its anybody’s game now.

But Before you start get conflicted as the cross roads of cannabis consumption, allow me to introduce to you the Tiebreaker which is also the Hybrid; The Miami Rave Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe.

Combining the best of both worlds, this little mechanism removes the negatives that come with both Glass or Blunts while combining all the teams that make us love them. Guaranteed to be your next favorite form of burning. These puppies hit the market and have been hot ever since (Usually because people can’t stop using them haha). If you’ve been looking for an alternative or something different, this is definitely it. Check out the link below. Hope you enjoyed the read! I enjoyed writing it.


I, myself am a Blunt advocate, but I’ve been trying to lean towards Glass. The Glass Blunt is literally everything I could ask for. Give it a go, till next time!

Inspired by Ariana Teran

Miami Rave Twisty Glass Blunt Pipe


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